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SGB President Graeme Meyer resigns

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SGB President Graeme Meyer resigns

By Dale Shoemaker / News Editor

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Less than five months into his term, Pitt’s Student Government Board President Graeme Meyer has resigned. 

In a release Friday, SGB said Meyer resigned, effective immediately. Executive Vice President Nasreen Harun will assume Meyer’s role and hold it until the end of the current SGB term, which ends next April. In addition to Meyer’s resignation, Allocations Committee Member Matthew Heiges resigned, effective April 25. 

Meyer resigned for “personal reasons,” he said in an email Saturday morning. 

Meyer had not previously offered a reason for his resignation and did not give a statement alongside SGB’s release on Friday.

“I thought it was best for everyone to have one source of consistent and accurate information to avoid confusion,” Meyer said. 

Resignations are not new to SGB. During the Board’s 2014 term, under former president Mike Nites, four Board members resigned, including Ellie Tsatsos, Brandon Benjamin, Jake Radziwon and Ryan Orr.

Meyer and Harun will work together over the next few weeks to finalize the transition to prepare for the upcoming school year.

Board member Everett Green will assume Harun’s former role, as Green received the second-highest number of votes in the SGB election, the release said.

With Harun’s appointment, the Board loses a member and now has a void that it will fill at the beginning of the fall term. Harun will announce details about the process to fill her former seat at a later date. 

SGB will also release applications for the vacant Allocations Committee slot at the start of the fall semester. 

“I am confident that this change in leadership will not hinder Student Government Board’s ability to continue to serve the student body,” Harun said in the release.

Editor’s note: This story has been updated with comment from Graeme Meyer. More updates to come.


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SGB President Graeme Meyer resigns