Summer Surveys: Shelby Pickett


By Jesssica Boddy / Staff Writer

With Summer Surveys, The Pitt News hopes to better familiarize the Pitt community with some top Panther athletes. In this installment, we got to know Pitt softball rising senior infielder Shelby Pickett.

1. Who’s your favorite athlete? 

Andrew McCLUTCHen (McCutchen, but that’s what I call him!)

2. Did you play any other sports growing up? 

I played soccer and softball until I was nine and then continued with softball. I got into cross country and basketball in middle school and high school. 

3. What is your favorite workout besides softball? 

I really enjoy upper body lifting in the weight room. 

4. What drew you to the sport of softball? 

I never really chose to play softball, my dad put me into this sport when I was six years old, and it just stuck with me.  

5. What is your favorite place to eat on Pitt’s campus? 

My favorite place to eat at on campus would definitely be Chipotle. We eat there multiple times a week. 

6.   What TV show(s) do you watch every week? 

I actually hardly ever watch TV, but when I do I am usually watching “Criminal Minds” or “Law and Order: SVU.” 

7.   What is the last good movie you watched?

The last movie I saw in theaters was “The Longest Ride” and yes, I cried the entire movie. 

8.   What’s been your favorite class at Pitt (so far)?

My favorite class at Pitt has been my American Sign Language class, where I not only learned an incredible language but also learned about an amazing culture. 

9.   Where is your favorite place to play besides Pitt? 

Vartabedian Field [at Pitt] is the most beautiful field I have ever played on, but during spring break this year, I really enjoyed playing at Florida Gulf Coast’s field.  

10. What was your favorite moment from this past season? 

I have two favorite moments from this past season. The first was when we beat Notre Dame in the ACC tournament and also when we found out we were going to NCAAs. 

11. Do you have any pre or post-game rituals? If so, what are they? 

I have had pre-game rituals my entire life. Some of these include wearing my hair a certain way, listening to certain music and warming up the same way before every game.  

12. Who’s on your pre-game playlist?

Right now, the two songs that I am currently playing on repeat are “My House” by Flo Rida and “Time of Your Life” by Kid Ink. 

13. What can’t you leave behind when traveling? 

The one thing I cannot leave behind when traveling are the two necklaces I wear for every game. One necklace is the state of California, which my teammate, Maggie Sevilla, gave to me for my birthday. The other is from my mom, which has my jersey number on it along with a cross. 

14. What is something you want to do before you graduate? 

I have a huge interest in going on a mission trip with the student organization that I am involved in, called Athletes in Action. 

15. Who is your role model? 

My role models would have to be both of my grandmothers because they are incredible, selfless women. 

16. What sport would you play if not softball? 

I’m actually very, very bad at other sports, but if I had a choice I would play basketball or volleyball. 

17. What’s your pet peeve? 

My biggest pet peeve is when I can hear people chewing their food. 

18. What’s your favorite thing about Pitt? 

My favorite thing about Pitt is that everyone is so closely involved. I live near all my best friends and that makes the college experience so much more fun. 

19. What websites do you visit most often? 

Definitely Twitter. 

20. What’s the last good book you read? 

I can’t remember the last book I read, but my favorite books are the “Hunger Games” series. 

21. Where, anywhere in the world, would you like to travel? 

I really want to visit Italy, mainly because my grandma promised she would take me there when I graduate, but also because I want to learn more about the Italian side of my family. 

22. What’s your favorite summer activity?

My favorite summer activity involves anything as long as I am with my friends and family. I really enjoy being outside in the sun and preferably somewhere by water. 

23. What are you looking forward to this summer?

I have a lot of weddings to attend this summer and I am really excited for all of them. 

24. What was the first thing you did after learning Pitt Softball made it to the NCAA Tournament?

When I saw our name pop up on the selection show to make the NCAA tournament, I immediately started crying my eyes out with joy. I remember hugging all of my teammates and then going outside to call my dad, where he was also crying with excitement.  

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