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Clothes on wheels: Fashion trucks take Pittsburgh

Clothes on wheels: Fashion trucks take Pittsburgh

By Elizabeth Rakow / For The Pitt News

October 22, 2014

We’ve all heard of — and most likely eaten from — the food trucks that pop up around Pittsburgh. These trucks have all the benefits of owning a business with the convenience of traveling directly to the customer.It’s a popular concept — they pull up, serve customers and relocate. In fact, it’s become so prev...

Pitt: take art cues from rest of ‘Burgh

Pitt: take art cues from rest of 'Burgh

By Jack Trainor / Staff Writer

October 22, 2014

Quick: what’s the most dismal building on campus? Chances are you answered Posvar Hall — a five-story, concrete slab. With its bare, dimly lit halls that transcend zip codes and colossally bleak walls, it’s no wonder why the answer is so obvious. So what’s the answer to this one: what should we d...

Penn X Roup Gallery more ‘incubator space’ than art gallery

Penn X Roup Gallery more 'incubator space' than art gallery

By Kathy Zhao / Staff Writer

October 21, 2014

Don’t let the name fool you — Penn X Roup Gallery is much more than just a place to look at artwork.The space located at 5450 Penn Ave., between Garfield and East Liberty, does display and sell artwork. However, it’s also a clothing retailer, a shoe refurbishment center and a music venue.“I’v...

Artists from Mattress Factory discuss making it in Pittsburgh

By Britnee Meiser / Staff Writer

September 12, 2014

For many artists living and working in Pittsburgh, creative expression isn’t just a fun hobby or a means of making extra cash — it’s a way of life.That’s the case for local artists Danny Bracken, John Peña and Ben Sota, whose work will be featured in the upcoming “Artists In Residence” exhi...

MLK Project honors August Wilson, strives to ‘break the cycle’

MLK Project honors August Wilson, strives to 'break the cycle'

By Shawn Cooke / A&E Editor

August 26, 2014

The vibrant painted leaves on the exterior of  the Mad Mex in Oakland demand your full attention, but they don’t reveal the scope of the project that brought them to life.Oakland’s newest mural — designed by Lucas Stock — is a part of Moving the Lives of Kids Community Mural Project’s (MLK...

Panther Card every Pitt student’s pass to free entertainment

By Jack Trainor / Staff Writer

May 28, 2014

Getting around in a big city can be confusing for a lot of students, especially freshmen who are leaving a small town for the first time. Here’s a piece of advice: Keep your student ID (Panther Card) on you at all times — more so than your newly acquired just-for-college credit card, but try not...

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