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What to do in the fall if you hate football

What to do in the fall if you hate football

By Delilah Bourque and Sarah Connor, Contributing Editors

September 18, 2019

For some, the air cooling and people pulling their fall wardrobes out of storage can only mean one thing — football season. For the rest of us, the best we can do is try to make the most of our Sundays until February rolls around. Here are some of the best ways to spend your fall if you’re not a football fan.

Eurofest creates cultural connections

Eurofest creates cultural connections

By Amanda Giamalis, Staff Writer

August 27, 2019

Vendors from both Pitt and outside organizations lined the walls during Pitt’s Eurofest, a celebration of European heritage and cultures.

Dear Kelly: Subletter Edition

By The A&E Staff

November 14, 2014

Dear Kelly,My subletter is a nightmare. He filthies up the kitchen and sits in the living room all day playing his PlayStation 3. I feel bound to my bedroom. What’s the best way to cope with the situation?Sincerely,Trapped in the BedroomDear Trapped in the Bedroom,I’ve been there. Just last summer, I lived with the most bizarre h...

Dear Kelly: Bad Roommate Selector

By The A&E Staff

September 17, 2014

Dear Kelly,It’s only been a month, and I’m already starting to become annoyed with my roommates. What should I do?Sincerely,Bad Roommate SelectorDear Bad Roommate Selector, Living with people is hard — especially when they eat the last slice of the pizza you went through all that trouble to microwave ...

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