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Bands battle for spotlight

Battle of the Bands gives student bands the opportunity to perform on the big stage. Christine Lim | Staff Photographer

By Annabelle Hanflig / for The Pitt News

October 9, 2015

O’Hara wasn’t a solid act when the group first auditioned for Battle of the Bands in 2013. “We were pretty disjointed at that point, as we only had three members,” O’Hara’s lead singer and founding member, Jake Sternberg, said. “Of course we lost the battle the first time we played.” They...

Daily rhythms: Pitt student creates online playlist following

A Beat A Day

By Brady Langmann / Staff Writer

October 8, 2015

It was 3 a.m., and Alex Oraschewsky had just returned to his apartment from clubbing in Ireland. It was Saturday — he didn’t have to report to Celtic Collections the next day, an Irish record label he interned with during his study abroad program in summer 2014. Good thing, too — Oraschewsky...

Mac awakens with ‘GO:OD AM’

Pittsburgh native and rapper Mac Miller passed away around noon Friday at age 26.

By Tarun Sathish / for The Pitt News

September 29, 2015

The Pittsburgh kid has grown up. Mac Miller has matured into a sage rapper with lyrics to match his excellent beats in his first major studio album “GO:OD AM,” which dropped Sept. 18. It’s  the rapper’s best work to date, as he mostly ditches the “frat rap” lyricism of sex, party and drugs ...

A melodic restoration: Thrival Festival aims to restore Hazelwood

A melodic restoration: Thrival Festival aims to restore Hazelwood

By Brady Langmann / Staff Writer

September 23, 2015

Of the three producers behind this weekend’s Thrival Innovation and Music Festival, not one has a background in the music industry. Executive producer Dan Law once focused in foreign policy with a master’s degree in public and international affairs. He’s backed by Danielle Belko, formerly a p...

Fifty years: ‘Highway 61’

September 7, 2015

Bob Dylan’s lasting impact in American pop culture used to astound me as a younger person. I tried to grasp how people thought of the nasally-voiced songwriter, on a scale of popularity or critical regard, as on par with The Beatles. But just as The Beatles will live forever in the mind of music,...

Pitch-burgh: A guide to Pittsburgh’s summer and fall concerts


By Marcus Ranii-Dropcho / Staff Writer

August 30, 2015

With its storied jazz history, bringing up the likes ofdrummer Art Blakey and saxophonist Ahmad Jamal, Pittsburgh has always been connected to music. Its strategic location between Chicago and New York attracts various genres of concerts, from jazz to indie rock. While it may not be privileged and rural e...

“At.Long.Last.A$AP” an unremarkable tribute

By Nick Mullen / Staff Writer

June 24, 2015

“At.Long.Last.A$AP”A$AP RockyReleased: May 25Grade: B+After much speculation and delay, the sophomore album from hip-hop artist A$AP Rocky, “At.Long.Last.A$AP,” dropped unexpectedly on May 25.Compared with the hazy, slightly eerie but ultimately energized and swaggy music of Rocky's preceding works,...

‘American Idol’ comes to Pitt

'American Idol' comes to Pitt

By Theo Schwarz / Visual Editor

June 23, 2015

Idolized: Local hopefuls vie for ‘American Idol’ slots

Idolized: Local hopefuls vie for 'American Idol' slots

By Nick Mullen and Chidi Nwakpuda / The Pitt News Staff

June 23, 2015

When Amario Gian finished singing his cover of Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me,” “American Idol” competitors and bystanders greeted him with cheers and applause as he left the audition area.But when producers told him that he didn’t advance in the competition, he left to join hundreds of other rejected...

Nick Jonas colors Pittsburgh Pride in the Street

Nick Jonas colors Pittsburgh Pride in the Street

By Kelechi Urama / Staff Writer

June 16, 2015

Halfway through his Pittsburgh Pride in the Street performance on Saturday, Nick Jonas took a break from his own music and turned to his piano player, Chase Foster.“Chase, what you got for me?” Jonas asked, as Foster began a slowed down, jazzier version of Outkast’s classic “Roses.” The cr...

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