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Pitt to compensate laid off dining workers who are students

Sodexo laid off a majority of its workers without pay over spring break, when Pitt adjusted its dining services due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Market Central and The Perch, the two dining halls on campus, remain closed.

By Jon Moss, News Editor

April 17, 2020

Pitt will compensate 173 student dining workers laid off due to the COVID-19 pandemic, University officials told the workers Wednesday.

Sustainability Office survey to help guide future on-campus efforts

Pitt’s Office of Sustainability is located in Benedum Hall.

By Mary Rose O'Donnell, Assistant News Editor

April 17, 2020

The Pitt Sustainability Literacy and Culture Survey aims to evaluate the University community’s knowledge of the current sustainability efforts on campus.

Police arrest, charge man in Meyran Avenue shooting case

City police filed two criminal charges against a Clairton man in connection to the fatal April 1 shooting on Meyran Avenue.

By Jon Moss, News Editor

April 16, 2020

City police filed two criminal charges against a 20-year-old Clairton man in connection to a fatal April 1 shooting on Meyran Avenue.

Pitt disability lawsuit settled by mediator

Two Pitt students filed a federal civil complaint against the University Friday.

By Ashton Crawley, Senior Staff Writer

April 16, 2020

A mediator resolved a disability lawsuit by a former Pitt employee against the University last month.

Police blotter: April 9 – April 15

Michael Rosfeld has until May 20 to

By News Editors

April 16, 2020

The Pitt News collates and publishes the Pitt police’s media crime log on a weekly basis.

Gallagher: COVID-19 crisis ‘slow-motion,’ not ‘existential’

Chancellor Gallagher gave updates on an uncertain fall semester during Thursday’s Senate Council Meeting.

By Rebecca Johnson and Jon Moss

April 16, 2020

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Chancellor Patrick Gallagher said it is unlikely that Pitt will return to full operational status in the fall semester.

Experts urge students to participate in Census, despite pandemic

The Census is crucial to determining the extent of resources available to the City.

By Grace Giglio, For The Pitt News

April 16, 2020

Although many Pitt students have returned to their hometowns in wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, they will still be counted in Pittsburgh’s population records for the 2020 Census.

Students must consult with academic adviser to change courses to satisfactory/no credit

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused Pitt to allow students to exchange letter grades for either a satisfactory/no credit mark for spring semester courses.

By Charlotte Pearse, Staff Writer

April 15, 2020

University Registrar Patti Mathay said students have one week to request to change their letter grade to either S or NC once final letter grades are posted on May 4. She said students should work with their academic adviser or respective school’s dean’s office to process the change.

Pitt Pantry continues to aid students, community despite closure

The Pitt Pantry continues to assist students during the COVID-19 pandemic after temporarily closing its space in Bellefield Presbyterian Church.

By Maggie Young, Contributing Editor

April 15, 2020

The Pitt Pantry has closed its space in Bellefield Presbyterian Church for an indefinite amount of time in order to follow social distancing guidelines in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

SGB approves 2020-21 board and committee members at final meeting of semester

The 2019-20 Student Government Board confirmed next year’s board members via Zoom in their last meeting of the academic year.

By Anushay Chaudhry, Staff Writer

April 15, 2020

Brown included a tribute to the current seniors who are a part of SGB, stating that although this moment may not have been their ideal version of the end of the year, it was still a meaningful experience.

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