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No Sex, No Love: Exploring asexuality, aromanticism at Pitt

No Sex, No Love: Exploring asexuality, aromanticism at Pitt

By Dale Shoemaker / Assistant News Editor

February 13, 2015

At parties, Allison likes to dance, to bump and grind, but not in a sexual way. Chelsea has danced and hooked up after a party, but didn’t enjoy it. Samantha, too, has had medicore sex after a frat party, but when the boy wanted to see her again, she turned him down. These three women, all Pitt s...

Spillin’ Salt: Pitt’s winter maintenance

Spillin’ Salt: Pitt’s winter maintenance

By Anjana Murali / Staff Writer

February 11, 2015

Keeping the streets and sidewalks safe for Pitt students and faculty is no easy — or cheap — task.High concentrations of sodium can mobilize or release calcium and magnesium from the soil. This transports the particles into the groundwater or the surface water, depending on the flow passage throug...

Chancellor to address sexual assault response procedures

Chancellor to address sexual assault response procedures

By Abbey Reighard and Dale Shoemaker / The Pitt News Staff

February 9, 2015

Chancellor Patrick Gallagher intends to outline Pitt’s sexual assault procedures in a memo to the University community in the near future.University spokesman Ken Service said there is no date set for the distribution of the memo to University faculty and staff. The memo would “reaffirm the Univer...

Pitt negotiating contracts with union workers

By Dale Shoemaker / Assistant News Editor

February 8, 2015

Pam Johnston’s livelihood is under negotiation.After 23 years at Pitt, where she works on the crews that clean buildings, she now makes $16.42 an hour under her union’s contract, which gives workers an annual raise between 1.75 and 3 percent a year.Despite this, as her wages increase every year, her...

Pitt starts online child abuse prevention program

By Dale Shoemaker

January 22, 2015

Twenty-three days after Act 31 took effect in Pennsylvania, Pitt’s School of Social Work has announced a free, comprehensive, online training program to help prevent child abuse.The Pennsylvania Child Welfare Resource Center developed the course in conjunction with the School of Social Work in response to the...

Eye to Eye

Eye to Eye

By Courtesy of Eye to Eye

January 11, 2015

Eye to Eye members participate in mentoring activities.

Eye to Eye mentors, relates to students with disabilities

Eye to Eye mentors, relates to students with disabilities

By Emma Solak / Staff Writer

January 11, 2015

A group of Pitt students turn their experiences with learning disabilities into lessons for youngsters.Pitt’s chapter of Eye to Eye, founded in 2012, mentors local middle school students with learning disabilities and educates collegiate and metropolitan communities in Pittsburgh about learning disabilities. ...

Seeing Red: FDA’s move to loosen blood donor ban meets opposition

By Lauren Wilson / For The Pitt News

January 8, 2015

A federal recommendation that would lift the ban on men who have had sex with other men from donating blood has left members of the LGBTQ community dissatisfied. The Food and Drug Administration issued a statement on Dec. 23 announcing recommendations to loosen the guidelines for men who have had se...

Pitt researchers search for worldwide health care data

By Cristina Holtzer / News Editor

November 30, 2014

Sharing public health data is one of the most important steps involved in containing “global health threats” such as Ebola, according to research from a Pitt Graduate School of Public Health team. The team announced on Nov. 24 the importance of public health data after the BMC Public Health, a me...

Modern molecules: Pitt professors bring chemistry to the 21st century

By Kathy Zhao / Staff Writer

November 24, 2014

Thanks to two Pitt professors, chemistry students may have an excuse to whip out their smartphones during future study sessions. According to a University press release, assistant chemistry professors Geoffrey Hutchison and Daniel Lambrecht received an award from the Camille and Henry Dreyfus Foundation t...

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