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Learning has a limit, study says

Learning has a limit, study says

By Cristina Holtzer / News Editor

September 3, 2014

Those who have suffered from a stroke or other brain injury could recover more efficiently because of data from researchers at Carnegie Mellon University and Pitt.The Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition, the name given to the project joining both universities, published its study “Neural constrai...

Method for building larger nanofibers discovered

Method for building larger nanofibers discovered

By Photo courtesy of CMU

August 28, 2014

Researchers discovered a new method for creating large synthetic protein fibers.

Protein shake-up: Study discovers method for nanofiber creation

Protein shake-up: Study discovers method for nanofiber creation

By Dale Shoemaker / For The Pitt News

August 28, 2014

Cancer patients may soon receive medication more efficiently and with fewer harmful side effects thanks to a new development in nanofiber assembly.Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon University and Oregon State University have discovered a method for creating large synthetic fibers...

Welcome Back: Sorry, no Gmail: 365 premieres

By Sarah Police / Staff Writer

August 19, 2014

Students waiting until classes start to check their Pitt emails are in for a surprise. Pitt’s prior email service, Enterprise Email, transitioned to Microsoft Office 365 on July 27. Those in the Pitt community who previously forwarded their Pitt mail to a private account must reconfigure the forw...

Protecting tech devices and identity one and the same

By Harrison Kaminsky / Assistant News Editor

May 28, 2014

When Caci Krieger was preparing for a night out on frat row with a group of friends, losing her iPhone 4 was not part of the plan. “I had it in my pocket all night and was dancing when I realized it was no longer there,” Krieger, a senior at Duquesne University majoring in health management system...

MOOCs offer affordable way to pursue higher education

By Sarah Police / For The Pitt News

May 28, 2014

The price of a higher education: motivation, more calls to the administration office than you can count and a lot of student loans. But now, anyone can get an education without any of those obstacles. “MOOCs” — massive open online courses — now offer online courses available to anyone in th...

CMU grad’s website a new way to find concerts

CMU grad's website a new way to find concerts

By Macie Ellis / For The Pitt News

May 6, 2014

Lady Gaga is playing a show Downtown at Consol Energy Center Thursday. If you’d used, a new website created by a 2009 Carnegie Mellon graduate, you might already know that. For concert prowlers, Kevin Qi’s can offer a solution. Qi, a 2009 Carnegie Mellon Universi...

Finals Edition: Professors embrace software meant to combat plagiarism

By Gideon Bradshaw / Senior Staff Writer

April 20, 2014

Jonathan Misurda was grading a student’s computer programming assignment a few years ago when he noticed something odd.A line of code the student had ostensibly written contained the last name of a student who had been in one of Misurda’s previous courses.“It was not a common last name,” Mis...

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