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Eye imaging helps glaucoma patients, according to study

David R. Williams, Director, Center for Visual Science and Professor, Optics, Ophthalmology, Biomedical Engineering, Brain & Cognitive Sciences at the University of Rochester, left, and his former student Ethan A. Rossi, assistant professor of Ophthalmology at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine photographed in Williams' lab at the University of Rochester Medical Center January 9, 2017. Courtesy of J. Adam Fenster/University of Rochester

By James Evan Bowen-Gaddy / Staff Writer

January 18, 2017

With a few pictures, eye disease patients may get more focused help than before, according to a new study. Researchers at both Pitt and the University of Rochester Medical Center have developed a new technique for photographing the human eye that allows them to view cells that have never been seen...

oSTEM making a space LGBTQ+ students in STEM fields

Josh Lapalme presents at the oSTEM National Conference in 2015, held at Carnegie Mellon University. Courtesy of oSTEM.

By Janine Faust / Staff Writer

January 13, 2017

Before he came out as gay to his lab group, Alexander Rowden had to figure out what to say when his classmates asked his opinion on certain female celebrities. “They’d be like, ‘Scarlett Johansson's pretty hot, right?’ and I’d just say she wasn’t really my type or something,” Rowden,...

Going Virtual

Shawn Jackson, a senior computer science major, works as a student employee at the Teaching Center. For his first VR experience, he used Star Chart, a constellation simulation. Elaina Zachos | Visual Editor

By Brady Langmann | Culture Editor

December 8, 2016

Michael Arenth reached for his goggles, strapped them to his head with a rubber band and embarked on a trip 6,000 miles away. He sat in the back of a bumpy brown canoe and watched the bony arms of a 9-year-old refugee paddle across a swamp, enveloped by the emerald-colored fields of South Sudan. With...

It’s all in your head: Pitt researchers measure hallucinations

By James Evan Bowen-Gaddy

November 10, 2016

When you think of hallucinations, you may think of a woozy feeling and swimming images or of the bright spots you see after rubbing your eyes. Hallucinations are typically an undesired side effect of sleep deprivation, mental illness or certain prescription drugs –– called psychotropics –– but t...

Pitt student entrepreneurs win $25,000 in award money

Student innovators Mark Spitz, left, Blake Dube, right, and Alec Kaija (not pictured) developed a portable oxygen device that has won them local and national honors | John Hamilton, Senior Staff Photographer

By James Evan Bowen-Gaddy / For The Pitt News

November 2, 2016

Investors, entrepreneurs and healthcare professionals grilled the team of inventors for hours. The team –– known as Aeronics and made up of seniors Blake Dube and Mark Spitz, graduate student Alec Kaija and advisor Dr. Chris Wilmer –– had designed and developed an oxygen delivery device and...

More body cams to come for Pittsburgh police

Officials spoke at the Public Safety meeting Wednesday evening. Anna Bongardino | Staff Photographer

By David Robinson / Staff Writer

October 20, 2016

Adding to the 170 wired body cameras Pittsburgh police are already wearing, the Bureau said at a public safety meeting Wednesday that it ordered another 500 wireless body cameras to use in the coming year. The new cameras have higher video quality and storage capacity, officer Garrett Bickmore sa...

Researchers, innovators come to Pittsburgh for Frontiers Conference

President Obama joins a panel of scientists and innovators at the White House Frontier Conference Plenary Session at Carnegie Mellon University | Jordan Mondell, Assistant Visual Editor

By Alexa Bakalarski, Amina Doghri, Leo Dornan, Janine Faust, Maria Hurtado, David Robinson / The Pitt News Staff

October 14, 2016

For just a few hours on Thursday, you could walk on Mars without ever leaving Alumni Hall. In a partnership with Microsoft, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory developed OnSight, virtual 3-D technology enabling scientists to study Mars’ environment while wearing Microsoft HoloLens. NASA demonstrate...

President Barack Obama visited Pittsburgh to talk innovation, healthcare, technology

President Obama waves to the crowd  attending the White House Frontier Conference Plenary Session at Carnegie Mellon University | Jordan Mondell, Assistant Visual Editor

By Lauren Rosenblatt / News Editor

October 14, 2016

President Barack Obama thinks right now is the greatest time to be alive. At least that’s what he wrote in his guest editorial for this month’s edition of WIRED — a science and technology magazine — and reiterated in a speech on Carnegie Mellon University’s campus Thursday afternoon. ...

Students pitch project ideas at Startup Blitz

Amy Johnson, an electrical engineering student, led Student Connect as the team leader at Startup Blitz. Courtesy of Karen Woolstrum.

By David Robinson / Staff Writer

October 3, 2016

To decrease the prevalence of violent crime on campus, including sexual assaults, one Pitt student has come up with a simple solution: a tech-savvy wristband. Pitt senior Amy Johnson proposed her project, dubbed Student Connect, at Friday’s Startup Blitz, an entrepreneurial contest where students...

3D Printing food possible but costly

3D printed food can be designed to form intricate designs, such as an astronaut pancake. Julia Zhu | Staff Photographer

By Andrew O'Brien / Staff Writer

September 30, 2016

Instead of popping a cake in the oven, people may soon be able to pour cake batter in a 3D printer and watch the machine create the cake for them. 3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, has come a long way since the early 1980s, when a tiny plastic cup became the first-ever 3D printed ...

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