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Pitt establishes $1 million fund for faculty, student business ventures

By Elizabeth Lepro / Contributing Editor

May 5, 2016

On Thursday, Pitt announced it will give $1 million to Pitt faculty and students looking to put the products of their research on the market. The $1 million in gap funding money — called the Chancellor’s Innovation Commercialization Funds — will immediately, and over the next two years support pr...

German language tool wins mobile app challenge

Dale Shoemaker | News Editor

By Josh Ye / Staff Writer

April 8, 2016

After seeing countless first-year students waste their dining hall swipes — and others who wished they had some — two former Resident Assistants hit their laptops. Asim Viqar and Shil Patel designed Swipes — an app that facilitates sharing meal swipes and allows students to tip one another for...

Pitt study links frequent social media use and depression in young adults


By Josh Ye / Staff Writer

April 5, 2016

Even as she scrolls through her social media feeds, Erica Cunningham can see why the constant connection might not be so good for her. “When you are on social media, it is hard to compare what your life is like and what their lives seem to be,” Cunningham, a first-year student, said. “Also, if...

Engineers model power grid to solve solar problem

Annabelle Goll | Staff Illustrator

By Josh Ye / Staff Writer

March 16, 2016

After receiving federal funding in February, a team of Pitt engineers aims to create a model of an all-inclusive electrical grid that incorporates solar power. Right now, the electricity from solar power overpowers and damages some traditional electric grids, the systems that distribute electricity to ...

Pitt to open engineering labs off-campus

By Dale Shoemaker / News Editor

March 15, 2016

Making new metallic alloys for jumbo jet and turbine engines and turning Oakland into a self-sufficient power grid could both become realities within the next five years, according to researchers who will work in a new 18,600-square-foot lab off campus. The lab, located within the Energy Innovation Ce...

Hacking away stereotypes

Emilee Betz (right) explaining her team's app to a judge. Emily Brindley for the Pitt News

By Emily Brindley / Staff Writer

February 24, 2016

At most Pitt hackathons, hundreds of men line the desks and tables, chattering and hammering away on keyboards. Yet the women who can design and code just as well as them are largely absent. The environment meant for collaboration is undoubtedly male — and unwelcoming. According to Mackenzie Ball, ...

University Senate talks tech with CSSD

By Emily Migdal / Staff Writer

February 21, 2016

The University Senate Computer Usage Committee met Friday to begin planning for technology improvements in Pitt’s five-year strategic plan. Eight committee members and two members of the Office of Computing Services and Systems Development met in Room 717 of the Cathedral of Learning at 10 a.m. to d...

No love for women fishing for women

No love for women fishing for women

By Alexa Bakalarski / Staff Writer

February 12, 2016

When Estizer Smith logged into her dating accounts, she expected coffee date invites from other women. But instead, her inbox was filled with men — more specifically, men asking her for threesomes. Smith, a bisexual senior at Pitt, used Tinder for a year and Bumble for eight months before growing tir...

Pitt to merge SIS, CS department

John Hamilton | Staff Photographer

By Taylor Mulcahey / Staff Writer

February 11, 2016

Within the next year and a half, Pitt’s computer science department and school of information science will become one. The new undergraduate school, the School of Computing Informatics, is slated to accept its first students in the fall of 2017 and will combine the 32 SIS faculty with the 18 CS f...

Pitt partners with Beijing university

By Dale Shoemaker / News Editor

February 11, 2016

Pitt’s Innovation Institute announced a new partnership with Tsinghua University in Beijing Tuesday that will kick-start collaborative projects in technology, commercialization and research. According to the Innovation Institute’s agreement with Tsinghua University, the partnership will facilitate trav...

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