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Not quite music to my ears: The problem with intellectual property laws

Not quite music to my ears: The problem with intellectual property laws

By Thomas Helgerman / Columnist

September 17, 2014

Students and the technology sector alike have been abuzz with the announcement of the Apple Watch, which is already creating quite a buzz in the marketplace.Such excitement is certainly warranted. Not only is this the first Apple product without the “i” prefix, but through its music storage capabi...

Let them eat cake: The challenges of living on welfare

By Eli Talbert / Columnist

September 15, 2014

It is well-known that liberals love big government because it hands them free stuff. Free stuff, like T-shirts during  O-week, the T Downtown or lunch at Pittsburgh Public Schools is always great, but living off free stuff is even better. Unfortunately, like in all occupations, living off welfare isn...

Letter from the Editor: Website Redesign

By Natalie Daher / Editor-in-Chief

September 14, 2014

Daily print production, for many student newspapers, is a thing of the past. Over the past decade, student publications have cut some, or all, of their paper products in favor of the evolving journalistic practice that is the “digital-first” approach.We at The Pitt News are fortunate to retain o...

Sticks and stones: Don’t underestimate the power of words

By Channing Kaiser / Columnist

September 14, 2014

“Don’t tell me white girls struggle in society.”“Sitting next to black people on the bus makes me nervous.”“I don’t understand why people dislike Justin Bieber.”We’ve all heard statements like this before — phrases that make our eyebrows shoot up and our faces grimace. Sometimes, p...

Employment Guide: The human element: What it takes to be a good doctor

Employment Guide: The human element: What it takes to be a good doctor

By Jessica Craig / Columnist

September 12, 2014

It takes about 11 years to become a doctor – four years of undergraduate education, four years of medical school, one year as an intern and two years, minimum, of residency.As a freshman pre-medicine and neuroscience student, I spent a good deal of time making sure that, in four or five years, I would...

Employment Guide: The classroom is the best career service

By Simon Brown / Columnist

September 12, 2014

American colleges and their students find themselves in the peculiar state of perpetual “crisis.” At least that’s what magazine articles, scholarly books and political speeches from the postwar era to today consistently have us believe.Calls of crisis in the halls of higher education come at a d...

Wasting away in Margaritaville: Get real about the economy

By Stephen Caruso / Columnist

September 12, 2014

It feels that, often, this country’s understanding of the economy is like an episode of “South Park.” Specifically, it’s like the one in which Randy Marsh convinces the entire eponymous town to spend money on nothing but “the bare essentials. Water and bread and margaritas,” to appease the e...

Employment Guide: On the fast track to employment: Stop and smell the Gen-Eds

By Bethel Habte / Columnist

September 12, 2014

I always knew that my scholarship to Pitt would save me a great deal of money. What I didn’t know was that the value of the scholarship far exceeds its monetary merits.Too easily, I could have come to view my educational experience at Pitt solely in terms of employment potential — as a means of retu...

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