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Economics of thirst: Pittsburgh transplants brew up romance

Marcus Cox, husband to Pitt economics professor Andrea La Nauze, brews his own beer. Stephen Caruso | Assistant Visual Editor

By Stephen Caruso / Contributing Editor

April 14, 2017

The dry river bed in Andrea La Nauze’s backyard inspired her to study economics. Fellow Australian Marcus Cox just wanted to quench thirsts with his self-crafted brews. Together, the two make the perfect duo. La Nauze, now a Pitt economics professor, and Cox moved from their native continent to...

Float on: Yuengling ice cream makes a triumphant return

Float on: Yuengling ice cream makes a triumphant return

By John Lavanga / A&E Editor

April 17, 2014

Yuengling is a staple of the local beer diet, occupying the space between “cheap beer” and “fancy beer” with unassuming ease. Flavorful enough to be worth paying for, but indistinct enough to fit just about any occasion, it’s the perfect fallback beer — be it a cookout, a wedding, a funeral ...

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