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Squirrel Hill’s Northeastern Kitchen Serves Up Authentic Northeastern Chinese Cuisine

April 3, 2019

Instead of the classic General Tso’s chicken and lo mein, Squirrel Hill’s Northeastern Kitchen stays true to the cuisine from the region where it gets its name. The menu is anything but typical. For those who aren’t familiar with traditional Chinese cuisine, the menu at Northeastern Kitchen can feel overwhelming. Chicken gizzards, cutlassfish and sliced kidney are sure to raise some eyebrows. In conjunction with Pitt’s Year of Global, two reporters from The Pitt News — Ben Spock and Levko Karmazyn — visited the restaurant and got a taste of dongbeicai (东北菜).

Northeastern Kitchen brings traditional Chinese food to Pittsburgh

Squirrel Hill’s Northeast Kitchen serves Stir Fried Eggplant, Potato, and Green Pepper (right), and Dried Tofu with Chili Pepper.

By Ben Spock, For The Pitt News

April 3, 2019

Northeastern Kitchen is easy to miss. The Chinese restaurant sits in a basement on Forbes Avenue in Squirrel Hill with its narrow storefront nestled between a bank and a consignment store. Inside, it’s a cozy and humble space, sparsely decorated aside from the red tapestries that adorn the walls and the wa...

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