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The Copy Chef tackles her favorite cooking tool: Crock-Pots

By Ellie Petrosky / Copy Chief

September 24, 2014

My Crock-Pot is my best friend.Seriously, what other kitchen appliance can have a hot meal ready and waiting for you — with minimal preparation and cleanup — when you get home after a long day of class or work?Those of you who just answered “roommate” or “boy/girlfriend” obviously haven’...

Revived from the ashes: Copy Chef returns to TPN

By Ellie Petrosky / Copy Chief

September 8, 2014

Back with a new byline and a new face — the Copy Chef.That’s me! Hi, my name is Ellie, and I am here to teach you how to create affordable culinary creations fit for the college student’s palate and wallet.When I’m not fulfilling my duties as The Pitt News’ copy chief, I can often be found in the k...

Homecoming Edition: Game day grilling done right with the Copy Chef

By Pat Mallee / Copy Chief

September 26, 2013

No football game-day experience is complete without a great pregame tailgate. And to have a truly great tailgate, you’ll need some truly great food to munch on.Over time, a particular blend of cuisines has become the hallmark of tailgate dining — part barbecue, part picnic. And while many tailgat...

Welcome back: Copy Chef pimps your Ramen

Welcome back: Copy Chef pimps your Ramen

By Pat Mallee - Copy Editor

August 18, 2013

Most cash-strapped college students will agree that the best kind of food is cheap food. So when they’re in a pinch and not at all worried about the nutritional value of their meals, they’ll often turn to a longtime staple of the collegiate culinary scene: ramen noodles.Ramen has for years been ...

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