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Dear Kelly: Subletter Edition

By The A&E Staff

November 13, 2014

Dear Kelly,My subletter is a nightmare. He filthies up the kitchen and sits in the living room all day playing his PlayStation 3. I feel bound to my bedroom. What’s the best way to cope with the situation?Sincerely,Trapped in the BedroomDear Trapped in the Bedroom,I’ve been there. Just last summer, I lived with the most bizarre h...

Dear Kelly – March 27 2014

By A&E Staff

March 26, 2014

Dear Kelly,My roommates are mean-spirited people, and, honestly, I’m afraid for what this coming April Fools’ Day will hold. Any suggestions for how to prepare or protect myself?Sincerely,Scared and AloneDear Scared and Alone,April Fools’ Day can be a stressful time in anyone’s life. But, for those living among pranksters, it can be downright t...

Dear Kelly: January 30, 2014

By A&E Staff

January 29, 2014

Dear Kelly,It’s freakishly frigid. What do I do?Sincerely,Frozen (not the movie)Dear Frozen,If I’ve learned anything from my time in Pittsburgh, it’s that winters here are a force to be reckoned with. There’s no getting around it if you’re living in Pittsburgh between the months of December and A...

Dear Kelly: A new advice column from The Pitt News

By A&E Staff

January 15, 2014

Dear Kelly is the A&E section’s new advice column (named in honor of famed Pitt grad Gene Kelly). It’s difficult to start a new advice column. Generally, people do not e-mail you about their petty problems seeking advice unless you are their good friend or you have an established advice column. We he...

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