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Opinion | The United States has a food accessibility, not obesity, epidemic

Opinion | The United States has a food accessibility, not obesity, epidemic

By Grace DeLallo, For The Pitt News September 29, 2021
The bitter reality is that the food crisis in the U.S. is caused by many reasons — food deserts, a lack of healthy and affordable options and unreliable school meals. 
There are a variety of resources for students experiencing food insecurity on campus, including the Plant2Plate Student Garden on Oakland Avenue.

‘No one should have to bend over backwards’: Combating food insecurity at Pitt

By Betul Tuncer, Staff Writer September 28, 2021
Food insecurity isn’t a far-off problem that simply means people don’t have enough food to eat, according to Annie Ryan. She said it’s a more complex issue that’s present on Pitt’s campus too.
The USDA recently proposed changes to the Supplemental Nutrition Program that could reduce access to food stamps and similar services.

Federal food stamp changes could impact Pittsburgh, Pitt students

By Jessica Steinberg, Staff Writer October 28, 2019
The proposal to change the eligibility for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, more commonly known as food stamps, was released in July by the USDA with the stated intent of ending abuse of the program.
SGB President Maggie Kennedy discusses allocations at Tuesday night’s meeting.

Tanjaya talks food insecurity at allocations-heavy meeting

By Maureen Hartwell, Staff Writer March 6, 2019
The board spent more than an hour deliberating allocations at its Tuesday meeting, and voted to amend five of the allocations committee’s recommendations after hearing from student leaders.
Morgan Cummings stocks shelves in the Pitt Pantry.  Valkyrie Speaker | Staff Photographer

College food insecurity demands action

By Kirsten Wong / For The Pitt News October 5, 2015

When a college student is food insecure, it undermines the education meant to someday put bread on their tables. The idea that most college students are privileged and wealthy enough to afford food is...

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