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Breaking grounds with big ideas: four growers for the win

(From left) Daniel Garcia, Brandon Contino and Rahul Ramakrishnan of Four Growers accept first place at the Randall Family Big Idea Competition Celebration event Thursday afternoon. (Photo by Divyanka Bhatia | Staff Photographer)

By Anandhini Narayanan | Staff Writer

March 30, 2018

In the future, the tomatoes in your salad, on your sandwich and in your pasta may be gathered by harvesters who can not only tell whether a tomato is ripe or unripe in just a few seconds, but also provide metrics and data analytics. This idea could become a reality through the work of 2016 Pitt a...

Four Growers: Farming for the future

Senior mechanical engineering major Dan Chi promotes Four Growers, a company started by Chi and his friend Brandon Contino that is devoted to creating tomato-harvesting robots to work in greenhouses. (Photo courtesy of Karen Woolstrum)

By Brian Salvato | Staff Writer

February 13, 2018

Imagine being able to open a door and go from biting winds and snow to a warm, climate-controlled greenhouse that carries the aroma of fresh tomatoes — being harvested by robots roaming through the aisles. For Brandon Contino and Daniel Chi, this fantasy is turning into a reality through their c...

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