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African studies advisor advocates for Ethiopian girls

Anna-Maria Karnes, Pitt’s African Studies Program Community Engagement Coordinator, discusses empowering Ethiopian women and girls to seek higher education at Tuesday afternoon’s “Education in Ethiopia” event. (Photo by Anas Dighriri | Staff Photographer)

By Sophia Mastroianni | Staff Writer

March 23, 2018

Everyone has heard the expression, “the dog ate my homework.” But Anna-Maria Karnes knew a girl living in rural Ethiopia whose textbook was scarfed down by a cow. This prevented the girl from advancing to the next grade until she borrowed enough money to buy another copy. “She was telling me...

Former ambassador examines Iran nuclear deal

Former Ambassador Dennis Jett leads a discussion on the Iran Nuclear Deal Thursday afternoon. (Photo by Divyanka Bhatia | Staff Photographer)

By Cassidy Power and Remy Samuels | The Pitt News Staff

February 23, 2018

Former U.S. ambassador Dennis Jett equated the Iran Nuclear Deal negotiations to a “foreign policy food fight” Thursday in Posvar Hall. “One should not confuse honesty and politics — they’re like oil and water,” Jett said. Jett, who served as ambassador to Mozambique and Peru under t...

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