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Tony Resch: Sight and sound

 Musician and synesthetic Tony Resch uses brilliant strokes of color to produce stunning soundwaves. <br><font size=Lead photos by John Hamilton " />

By Joanna Li & Issi Glatts

April 3, 2018

For Tony Resch, a heavy bass line is black, cymbals are yellow and the key of D is green — with an attitude. Some of Resch’s earliest and fundamental memories of music were color- and shape-oriented — a combination of textures, colors and notes that turn the sounds of music-making into a vi...

“Metal” Mary Bielich: Music and movement

With arms full of tattoos and exceptional skill in the art of rock ‘n roll, one would think ‘Metal’ Mary Bielech is all hard edges. Her heartfelt activism and love for animals suggests otherwise.

By Caroline Bourque & Issi Glatts

March 30, 2018

On the seventh floor of a nondescript South Side storage locker facility, the industrial walls and bare floor shake with the reverberations of a heavy metal bass line. The sound is surging from a cramped rehearsal space at the end of the hall. Inside, the Mud City Manglers practice for an upcomin...

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