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Opioid memorial etches abuse into public eye

(Illustration by Abigail Katz | Staff Illustrator)

By Charlotte Couch | For The Pitt News

February 7, 2018

At “Prescribed to Death,” an opioid memorial in the William Pitt Union, a steady flow of people moved through the room in a respectful silence. People saw a large, black wall dotted with small white pills, and a screen with a number in the thousands growing higher by the second. The memorial ma...

Opioid memorial brings attention to epidemic

Mayor Bill Peduto (left) speaks with Michelle Lynam and her daughter Kimberly Lawther (right), as former Pitt Chancellor mark Nordenberg greets other guests behind them. (Photo by Chiara Rigaud | Staff Photographer)

By Mackenzie Rodrigues and Salina Pressimone | News Editors

January 30, 2018

Covered in 22,000 small white pills, each engraved with the face of an opioid overdose victim, the opioid memorial stood behind Monday afternoon’s speakers. Their solemn voices drifted out to an audience who sat listening in silence for the many young lives lost. The press event marked the beginning of the ...

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