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Jeb Seldman acquired UnSmoke Systems Artspace in 2008, and has since transformed it into a community hub for art.

TPN x Nazareth Prep | UnSmoke Systems Artspace brings community art to Braddock

By Jayanna Smith and Amara Bailey February 21, 2019
UnSmoke Systems Artspace is one of Braddock's most popular art galleries, and is booked for the next year and a half.
Art installations, like the deer head featured here, are revitalizing the abandoned Carrie Furnace, along with walls of legal graffiti.

TPN x Nazareth Prep | Carrie Furnace: National landmark, graffiti hotspot

By Katie Donohue and Riyan Russell February 21, 2019
Carrie Furnace was one of the world's top steel furnaces. Today, it is home to some of Pittsburgh's most thriving graffiti.
View of Rankin  from the Monongahela Cemetery in Braddock Hills, Pennsylvania.

TPN x Nazareth Prep | Rankin residents remember 1957 Christmas Eve fire

By Savon Wilson, Kiara Chew and Myeir Northern, Contributing Writers February 21, 2019
A massive fire destroyed 40 homes in Rankin on Christmas Eve in 1957. Many current residents can still remember the flames.
Yvonne Spencer is a long-time resident of Rankin, and has spent many years working at the Rankin Christian Center.

TPN x Nazareth Prep | Rankin Christian Center central to community life

By Lamont Bolton and Juanaya Green February 21, 2019
The Rankin Christian Center has been a central part of residents' lives for more than 100 years – and it's still a community fixture.
Litter, like the wrappers pictured on a lawn here, isnt hard to find in Rankin -- but the borough is taking steps to beautify itself.

TPN x Nazareth Prep | Rankin partners with neighbors to tackle litter

By William Dank and Jabriel Johnson February 21, 2019
In the neighboring towns of Braddock and Rankin, residents and community leaders are taking steps to beautify the streets – but it's a long process.
The Woodland Hills Girls Rugby team, pictured here in blue, lost only three of its games in its first season.

TPN x Nazareth Prep | Woodland Hills Girl’s Rugby faces difficulty amid success on the field

By Najjah Cobb and Alaya Fancher February 21, 2019
Students from Woodland Hills worked hard to put together a girl's rugby team, but now, they face what they call a lack of support from the school. (Contributing Writers)
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