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Don’t Call Her Honey: Ciara Gray artist spotlight

Photos by Jane Millard | Visual Editor

By Siddhi Shockey | Staff Writer

May 16, 2018

When she was a young artist in first grade, Ciara Gray brought an assignment to the front of the class to show the teacher her work — how she’d ripped a portrait from a magazine in half and pasted it to paper, sketching in the missing half of the model’s face. Now, marks of Gray’s creativity are etched...

Painting Pittsburgh, one neighborhood at a time

Painting Pittsburgh, one neighborhood at a time

By Nick Mullen / Staff Writer

May 19, 2015

Local artist Ron Donoughe captured his love for Pittsburgh through his paintings.“This was a visual love letter to Pittsburgh. I wanted to experience this place one painting at a time. I wanted to dig deeper into why I love this place so much,” he said.For a few years, the Lawrenceville-based art...

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