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Opinion | Americans need a populist that will fight for them

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt ran on his famous New Deal platform that included many economic reforms, public works and many other social programs.

By Ethan Tessler, Staff Columnist

August 26, 2020

America needs a populist president.

Populism sparks high voter turnout

Jair Bolsonaro, ultra-right candidate for the office of Brazilian president, arrives to vote in a polling station on Oct. 28.

By Delilah Bourque, Senior Staff Writer

November 7, 2018

Populist movements get people to the polls at home and abroad. This year’s historic midterm turnout is just one example of voters showing up to fight rhetoric they deem dangerous.

Editorial: Bolsonaro threatens democracy

Then-deputy Jair Bolsonaro argued with Maria do Rosario during a general commission in the Chamber of Deputies while discussing violence against women.

By The Pitt News Editorial Board

November 5, 2018

Leaders and parties that exercise dictator-like control over the governments to which they were elected pose an intense, immediate threat to democracy worldwide. Civil liberties, freedom of the press and global security are at stake.

Young voters: Lead by example to fight nationalsim

(Illustration by Jordan Mondell | Contributing Editor)

By Christin Snyder / Opinions Editor

June 27, 2017

“I mean, I voted, but why does it matter? London will never listen.” When I asked my new Scottish friend about the United Kingdom’s recent election, he responded with pure ambivalence. He truly cares about the issues at hand, but he, like many other Scots, has long struggled with misrepresent...

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