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Top 10 | Restaurants to hit when you get back to school

Stack’d restaurant on Forbes Avenue.

By Julia Kreutzer, Senior Staff Columnist

August 22, 2019

Here are my top 10 restaurants that I can’t wait to be reunited with.

Battle for the band: students trade pop for performance at Hofbrauhaus College Night

Pitt seniors Derek Arnold and Max Kneis petitioned to bring the band the Haus Band Trio back to Hofbrauhaus on College Night after it was replaced by a DJ. (Photo by Christian Snyder | Multimedia Editor)

By Siddhi Shockey | Staff Writer

February 1, 2018

In the great beer hall at Hofbrauhaus every Thursday night, college students dance under the warm light of chandeliers to authentic live music — partaking in a beloved College Night tradition. But when Pitt senior accounting and business information systems major Derek Arnold walked into College ...

Oakland Restaurant Week hosts 6 days of $6 lunches

The semi-annual Oakland Restaurant Week, hosted by the Oakland Business Improvement District, features six days of $6 lunches from 19 participating popular restaurants. (Photos by Issi Glatts | Assistant Visual Editor)

By Shahum Ajmal and Elizabeth Donnelly | For The Pitt News

January 30, 2018

Students on a budget can ditch Market Central for the week and try out a new restaurant on Forbes or Fifth Avenue for a discounted price instead. Oakland Restaurant Week — which takes place from Monday, Jan. 29, to Saturday, Feb. 3 — is hosted and funded by the Oakland Business Improvement Di...

Southwestern restaurant spices up Schenley Plaza

Mesa is now open in Schenely Plaza, replacing Conflict Kitchen. (Photo by Wenhao Wu | Assistant Visual Editor)

By Rachel Glasser | News Editor

September 6, 2017

The style of food at Robert Sayre’s new restaurant has confused some passersby. “We’ve had to convince Pittsburgh that it’s a New Mexican restaurant, not a ‘new’ Mexican restaurant. So that’s been a bit of a struggle at times,” Sayre said with a laugh. Sayre is the owner and head ...

Thai Hana temporarily closed until violations resolved

Thai Hana is expected to reopen on Saturday, September second. (Photo by Kyleen Considine | Visual Editor)

By Janine Faust | Assistant News Editor

August 31, 2017

The Allegheny County Health Department issued a consumer alert for Thai Hana and Sushi Bar Tuesday. According to the ACHD, the presence of roaches, flies and bags of rice infested by moths were among the reasons for issuing the alert for the restaurant located on the 3600 block of Fifth Avenue. ...

B52: vegan cafe boasts ample options

Courtesy of B52

By Megan Bray / Staff Writer

May 24, 2016

Around 8:30 a.m., B52 Cafe, Lawrenceville’s newest vegan cafe, was still relatively empty. I began the excursion with a half pot of their green tea, brewed fresh and served in a stainless steel pot. The tea was quite bitter, so I asked for honey — forgetting that it is an animal byproduct — b...

Oakland Restaurant Week offers cheap trials of fast and fresh eats

By Dan Willis / For The Pitt News

June 3, 2014

When talking about Pitt’s nearby campus eateries, two words come up again and again: fast and fresh. Oakland is no place for a sit-down restaurant. Profit here comes from midnight snacks and hurried, between-class lunches. But that doesn’t mean students have lowered their standards for the food.As local, o...

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