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Retro Oakland: Panther Statues

Sculpted in Parma, Italy by Miriani Guido, the panther statue was placed outside the WPU in 2001.(Photo by Thomas Yang | Senior Staff Photographer)

By Marissa Perino and Lexi Kennell

October 13, 2017

Just because the panther is a statue, it doesn’t mean it hasn’t changed. The panther was chosen as our mascot because of its intimidating nature, its nativity to the Pittsburgh region and its ancient standing as a noble animal, but most importantly it was chosen because no other university used it...

Retro Oakland: Learning about our university’s leaders

John Brashear found a love for astronomy after he glimpsed at the moon for the first time at age nine. (Photo via the University of Pittsburgh)

By Lexi Kennell / Culture Editor

August 27, 2017

Although Pitt students today have grown accustomed to a chancellor who takes selfies with each upcoming class and tweets regularly, past leaders of Pitt had different approaches to interacting with students. There have been 18 Pitt chancellors — and each one impacted the University as we know it t...

Retro Oakland: taking a look at Pitt campus buildings

Langley Hall after an explosion in 1977. (Photos via ULS Archives)

By Lexi Kennell / Culture Editor

August 21, 2017

Students walk down Fifth and Ruskin Avenues and pass Langley Hall every day, but many have no idea that two people died in an explosion in that very building about 40 years ago. In The Pitt News’ New Student Guide that was published earlier in the summer, I started a series — Retro Oakland — that f...

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