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Schenley Quad’s parking lot should have stayed

Construction work in the Schenley Quadrangle has torn apart one of the few parking areas on Pitt’s campus with the intention of creating a new green space for students to utilize. (Photo by Anne Amundson | Staff Photographer)

By Joshua Jordan | For The Pitt News

May 30, 2018

Not many students actually relied on the parking lot in Schenley Quadrangle for parking — but it served other purposes for carless Quad residents. It was instrumental as a pick-up and drop-off point for Ubers and allowed families to park right by dorms on moving days. But this useful transportat...

Students react to Schenley Quad renovations

Sketch of planned updates to Schenley Quadrangle. (Image courtesy of Deborah Todd)

By Samuel Ruppert | Staff Writer

April 11, 2018

Renovations will add more public space to Schenley Quadrangle this summer, but some students are concerned that the change will come at the expense of precious parking spots. The week before spring break, Pitt sent out an email to students notifying them of preparations for renovations in Schenley...

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