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Mark Henderson named new CIO and vice chancellor
Planning underway for new recreation center
No hearing for Pitt faculty union, organizers plan appeal

‘Burden of Genius’ showcases revolutionary Dr. Thomas Starzl

Students at the University of Pittsburgh have likely heard the name Dr. Thomas Starzl at least once in passing or happened across the statue of him relaxing on a bench behind the Cathedral.

Deadline approaching for primary voter registration

Pittsburghers will have an opportunity to go to the polls for City and county elections in the coming weeks, but the voter registration deadline is closing soon. Pennsylvania residents who wish to vote in the May 21 primary election must register to vote by next Monday.

Honors College dean to leave for position at University of Arkansas

Dr. Brian Primack will step down from his position as dean of Pitt’s Honors College this summer, and will be the dean of the College of Education and Health Professions at the University of Arkansas beginning July 1.

After years-long campaign, grad students await outcome of union vote
A Starr is born: John Starr, beatboxer and Beinecke winner
Market Central passes health department reinspection


Elizabeth Martinson and Sid Iyer

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders visited Pittsburgh on Sunday. He was there as part of a whistle-stop tour of key battleground states like Ohio, Michigan and Wisconsin. Sanders also rallied the crowd in support of the Pitt Grad Student Union election, which will be held at Posvar Hall and the O’Hara Student Center beginning on April 15. Graduate Student Researcher Kimberly Garrett kicked off the procession of speakers prior to Sanders’ speech, which included Bernie 2020 national co-chairs Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz and former Ohio state senator Nina Turner.

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April 15, 2019

Top 10: Excuses for missing a final

By The Pitt News Editorial Board
April 18, 2019

It happens. We get it. Here are the top 10 reasons you can give professors for why you missed your final that’s worth 30% of your grade.

Opinion | “Game of Thrones” Characters as 2020 Presidential Candidates

By Devi Ruia, Staff Columnist
April 18, 2019

With “Game of Thrones” returning this past Sunday for its final season, here are the characters that most closely align with 2020 Presidential Candidates.

Opinion: It’s OK to move back home after college

By Ana Altchek, Staff Columnist
April 17, 2019

A record 36% of college seniors were expected to move back home for at least a year upon college graduation in 2016. Despite their good reason to do so, there is a lingering stigma of laziness and failure that surrounds those who do.

Recruiting Roundup: Pitt football nabs two 2020 recruits

By Tyler Moran, Staff Writer
12:17 am

Pitt football added a couple recruits to its class of 2020, while Capel's basketball club looks to round out its remaining scholarship offers for the 2019 season.

Stewart’s injury ends season, turns spotlight to pay discrepancies

By Dominic Capmbell, Staff Writer
April 18, 2019

Months before it begins in earnest, the WNBA season was dealt a crushing blow. And while the incident was devastating, it is hopefully one that will drive long-lasting change for women’s basketball.

Take 5: Tiger claws back, Sixers are stunned

By Pitt News Staff
April 18, 2019

From major comebacks to major upsets, the past week provided stunning losses for postseason favorites, but also the return of a fan favorite. The Sixers were challenged by the upstart Brooklyn Nets and Tiger Woods made a triumphant return to the Masters. The WWE also showcased some intriguing matchups and a potential title challenger.

Review: ‘After’ provokes unintended laughter

By Elizabeth Donnelly, Senior Staff Writer
April 17, 2019

Last week, another fanfiction-turned-novel- turned-movie by the name “After” was released, and was as underwhelming and convoluted as the original work.

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ATO charity concert rocks Bellefield Hall

By Neena Hagen, Senior Staff Writer
April 15, 2019

ATO hosted Saturday’s concert as its annual philanthropy event, with the $5 admission fee going toward the Children’s Miracle Network and Greenhouses for Everyone.

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Staff Picks: Our favorite homemade snacks for a study break

By The Pitt News Staff
April 15, 2019

When dining hall meals and Pop-Tarts won’t satisfy a body that is mentally and physically worn out from the semester, look no further than our staff favorite DIY snacks. Not to mention, spending some time cooking presents the perfect opportunity to take a study break or procrastinate.

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Unconventional options after graduation

By Anna Bongardino, Digital Manager
April 17, 2019

This page was made possible in part by a grant from Year of Pitt Global. We’ve all heard the dreaded, anxiety-inducing question. It’s the favorite conversation topic of every well-meaning family member you have, at every family gathering in the year or two before you graduate from college.   “What are you doing after graduation?”   They often pose the question with...

PGH foodie blog: Squirrel Hill’s Chaya serves authentic Japanese cuisine

By Josh Gaylord, For The Pitt News
April 5, 2019

Japan is known for its glorious mountainscapes, plethora of anime series and strong gaming industry, but their cuisine is easily one of my favorite things. Most people are familiar enough with sushi, but the small island nation has a myriad of other scrumptious delicacies to tempt the adventurous foodie with. This blog will focus on Chaya, a small, unassuming Japanese-style restaurant situated on...

Weekend Watchlist: The best of the worst

By The Pitt News Staff
April 4, 2019

This installment of our recurring Weekend Watchlist blog takes a slightly different approach — we wrote about the absolute worst shows and movies we could find online. These films and shows are just so bad they’re good, and we really can’t get enough of the cringey comedy unintentionally found in this week’s watchlist.

Gallery: Bernie Sanders Rally in Schenley Plaza

April 14, 2019

Vermont senator and Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders visited Pitt on Sunday for a campaign rally in Schenley plaza. Sanders spoke on various campaign points to a crowd around 4000. Prior to Sanders speech, members of the Pittsburgh community spoke in support of him, including Pitt Graduate Student Union organizer Kim Garrett.  

GALLERY: Rosfeld verdict protest

By Hannah Heisler, Bader Abdulmajeed, and Thomas Yang | March 23, 2019

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