Budget Committee Approves Budgets for Renovation Projects

On Tuesday, the Budget Committee of Pitt’s Board of Trustees unanimously approved four capital budget projects for renovating buildings on campus.

At 10:45 a.m. in 2700 Posvar Hall, the committee approved budget projects for renovating the Charles L. Cost Sports Center, renovating and upgrading the 12th floor of the Cathedral of Learning, replacing electrical equipment in the Chevron Science Center and renovating the outside and the roof of the Space Research Coordination Center. The projects will add a combined amount of $11,702,700 to the Fiscal Year 2016 Capital Budget.

The Property and Facilities Committee of the Board of Trustees reviewed and approved the four projects at a public meeting March 30.

As part of the project to renovate the Cost Sports Center, a new synthetic turf and rubber shock pad will replace the existing interior playing surface. The project will replace the current perimeter wall padding, curtain divider system, air handling units and existing interior insulation as well. Other renovations include repainting all the indoor surfaces and adding a structural ladder and platform to access high bay mechanical equipment.

On the 12th floor of the Cathedral of Learning, central air conditioning will replace the current window air conditioners. To make the floor environment more comfortable and energy efficient, the project is converting the existing steam heating system to a hot water system. Other changes include restroom and lobby area upgrades, the installation of energy-efficient lighting and upgrades to improve accessibility for people with disabilities.

For Chevron Science Center, the Budget Committee approved a project that will replace electrical equipment in the center’s electrical substation. The replacements include the substation main breakers, tie breakers, feeder breakers and the cable feeds that connect the utility transformers to the new equipment.

The Space Research Coordination Center, built in 1965, will receive an upgrade that corrects outside structural deficiencies and rebuilds the chimneys to their original condition and quality, as well as adding new masonry, windows, doors and a roof at grade level.

The agenda for the meeting included justifications for the center’s renovation, “The existing equipment is over 40 years old and well past it’s expected useful life. The electrical upgrades will ensure that the substation has adequate capacity for future campus needs, improve reliability and improve the substation’s efficiency.”

All of the projects are part of Pitt’s 12-year facilities plan. Pitt launched the plan in 2007, committing more than $1 billion to modernizing Pitt facilities to support the direction of Pitt’s programming through 2018.

The renovations for the four projects will occur over the next two years.

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