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Everything Pitt students need to know about the 2018 midterm elections
Weekly Pick ‘em: TPN sports staff makes NBA game predictions
What are the odds: Best bets from ACC Football to the NBA

Bob Woodward Takes Trump to Task

Bob Woodward has covered every president from Nixon to Trump in his 50 years at the Washington Post, helping the paper pick up two Pulitzer Prizes on the way. “I’ve been accused of being a leftist,...

Market cited for 14 health violations

Market Central, the main hub for student dining at Pitt, was cited for multiple health violations by the Allegheny County Health Department on Wednesday, Oct. 10. Out of the 25 Food Safety Assessment...

Pitt figure skating spins into 2018 competition season

Jess Lott had her college choices narrowed down to the University of Pittsburgh and the University of Maryland. Her final decision came down to one thing — figure skating. Lott had been figure skating...

Pitt celebrates grand opening of CEC
Man sentenced to life in prison without parole for murder of Pitt student
‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ back on after meeting with SGB


Isabelle Glatts

We’re at a crucial crossroads of America’s three major sports, with the NFL entering midseason form while the MLB playoffs and NBA preseason get underway. The Pitt News staff leaves none of these stones unturned as we take a look at storylines from the past week.

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October 3, 2018

Phones are damaging our mental health

By Cammy Morsberger, For The Pitt News
1:05 am

October is Mental Health Awareness month, so it's imperative that we act to unplug our devices and not only enjoy the company of others, but also improve and support our mental well-being.

Trump administration: a worldwide embarrassment

By Josh Gaylord, For The Pitt News
1:02 am

Trump claims he’s “accomplished more than almost any administration” — but his “accomplishments” have hardly been good. The president has pushed archaic policies and eroded political alliances.

Editorial: Pa. response to church abuse insufficient

By The Pitt News Editorial Board
1:00 am

The Pennsylvania Senate had a chance to show its support for victims in the form of a bill that would allow victims of church abuse to seek justice, but in an underwhelming display of concern it declined to vote on the bill on the last voting day in legislative season.

Pitt women’s soccer loses eighth straight game

By Dominic Campbell, Staff Writer
1:02 am

Although the women’s soccer team lost to the Seminoles, redshirt senior forward Taylor Pryce says the team has seen improvement in performance. “I think the team is getting better,” Pryce said.

Take 5: Los Angeles, Le’Veon, no LeBron

By The Pitt News staff
October 17, 2018

As the NFL season nears its halfway point, Los Angeles’ two teams seem to be destined for a cross-city clash, while the Steelers’ Le’Veon Bell continues to divide public opinion.

Column: Riverhounds strive for success as Pittsburgh’s pro soccer team

By Ben Zimmer, Staff Writer
October 17, 2018

As the Riverhounds prepare to host a first-round playoff game Saturday — the first home postseason game in the club’s history — their achievements shouldn’t go unnoticed. How much success will it take for soccer to be among Pittsburgh’s sources of pride?

Hot food on wheels: International Week warms up Pitt

By Shahum Ajmal, Contributing Editor
October 18, 2018

Food trucks are all the rage for DIY festivals, and on Oct. 17, they brought dozens of students to the WPU as a part of the Pitt International Week festivities.

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City of Asylum residents share readings and wisdom at WPU

By Sarah Connor, Culture Editor
October 18, 2018

City of Asylum is known for providing a sanctuary for exiled writers. Two of those writers brought their wisdom to campus with a special appearance at WPU.

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33rd annual Reel Q Film Festival brings LGBTQ+ cinema to the ’Burgh

By Siddhi Shockey, Staff Writer
October 16, 2018

For a weekend full of LGBTQ+ themed cinema, film buffs of Pittsburgh headed to the Harris Theater, for the Reel Q LGBT Film Fest.

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By Elise Lavallee, Digital Manager
October 10, 2018

This page was made possible in part by a grant from Year of Pitt Global. At the age of 21, Alyssa Martinec boarded a plane to Shanghai, embarking on her second trip to China. This time, she was going to conduct research about air quality and the system justification theory. “Environmental issues are extremely global,” Martinec said. “The most obvious examples being climate change and water and air pollution. These issues transcend national borders.” After graduating high school,...

Exploring the Boot with Grace: <br> Embrace your inner tourist

By Grace McGinness, Columnist, Blogger
September 25, 2018

Since I have arrived in Florence, the problem of tourists has been a main point of conversation with my professors. Tourists stand in the road and mess up traffic, they don’t know how to speak any Italian or adhere to any of the local customs, they don’t take the time to appreciate anything that they see here.

What are the odds: Making a comeback after losses in Ohio State vs. TCU game

By Colin Martin, Blogger
September 21, 2018

In this week's "What are the odds" blog, blogger Colin Martin examines his losses and how he can make a comeback in the upcoming games. He offers an analysis of each game in college football, providing spreads, over/under numbers and bet suggestion.

Take 5: Preseason, playoff, Jared Goff

By The Pitt News Staff | October 3, 2018

We’re at a crucial crossroads of America’s three major sports, with the NFL entering midseason form while the MLB playoffs and NBA preseason get underway. The Pitt News staff leaves none of these stones unturned as we take a look at storylines from the past week.

Take 5: Bills, Baker, Bell

By The Pitt News Staff | September 27, 2018

The NFL gave us a surplus of story lines in a wacky Week 3 with the Patriots struggling, the Browns finally winning and Le’Veon Bell continuing his holdout.

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