Cathedral Cafe passes health department reinspection

The Cathedral Cafe has been cited for eight health code violations in the Allegheny County Health Department’s most recent inspection of the facility.

The Cathedral Cafe passed a Friday reinspection by the Allegheny County Health Department after being cited for eight health code violations last Monday.

In the original inspection, the facility received one high-risk, two medium-risk and five low-risk violations. Three of the eight violations were due to pest management issues, including “fresh” and “old” mouse droppings, and small flies, “too many to count,” at a handwashing sink.

The May 13 report also cited the facility for a lack of demonstration of knowledge when a “dishwasher stated that he does not always wear gloves or wash hands between loading dirty dishes and unloading clean dishes.” These actions could lead to an increase in the potential for cross-contamination.

When reinspected, the facility had satisfactory results in these categories, according to the Friday report.

At the time of the original inspection, Pitt spokesperson Joe Miksch said the University remains committed to ensuring “safe dining experiences” on campus.

“As we have noted in the past, food safety is of paramount importance and perfect inspections remain our goal,” Miksch said in an email. “When violations occur, we ensure Sodexo takes swift corrective action and steps to reduce risk of future violations.”

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