Dear readers: The Pitt News takes Fridays online


(TPN File Photo)

By Christian Snyder, Editor-in-Chief

Dear readers,


My tenure as editor-in-chief of The Pitt News began during a time of change at the paper. Over the summer we underwent a process of rebranding ourselves and focusing on new goals. Many of these changes are already implemented as part of our transition to a proactive digital-first mindset — one of the first things we did was launch a new website in June with the goal of providing you more comprehensive, immersive stories about the news around us.

To help create this new content we hired a staff of four new editors through a grant from the Pittsburgh Foundation — a digital manager, an audience engagement editor, an online visual editor and a staff development editor. These new positions will enable us to write blogs, create podcasts and harness data visualization tools to bring you closer to our stories.

Along with this change, we are eliminating our Friday print edition. With campus attendance at its lowest on Fridays, few people read the print version of The Pitt News. Eliminating that day of print production allows our new staff of digital editors to fill an online-exclusive Friday edition with exciting multimedia and interactive content. We’ll still publish print and online editions with award-winning news, opinions, sports and culture content Monday through Thursday.

So whether or not you’re on campus tomorrow, check out for your daily dose of independent student journalism.

-Christian Snyder, Editor-in-Chief