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The Pitt News has been the University of Pittsburgh’s independent student newspaper since 1910. The newspaper publishes daily during the fall and spring semesters, with 10,000 copies of it distributed to newsstands across campus. The paper publishes weekly in the summer with breaking news being published online throughout the week.

Funded through advertising revenue, The Pitt News employs more than 100 students who cover news, culture sports and opinions. At The Pitt News, we strive to promote discourse on campus and inform the Pitt student body about issues affecting college students at the University and across the country.


Editor-in-Chief |

Christian Snyder

Managing Editor |

Janine Faust

News |

Joanna Li, News Editor

Brian Gentry, Assistant News Editor

Emily Wolfe, Assistant News Editor

Opinions |

Maggie Durwald, Opinions Editor

Jeremy Wang, Assistant Opinions Editor

Culture |

Sarah Connor, Culture Editor

Sports |

Trent Leonard, Sports Editor

Tessa Sayers, Assistant Sports Editor

Visual |

Sarah Cutshall, Visual Editor

Thomas Yang, Assistant Visual Editor

Issi Glatts, Multimedia Editor

Digital |

Jane Millard, Audience Developer

Jon Moss, Online Visual Editor

Anna Bongardino, Digital Manager

Caroline Bourque, Staff Developer

Copy Desk |

Kim Rooney, Copy Chief

Andrea Michaels, Assistant Copy Chief

Layout |

Shahum Ajmal, Layout Editor

Eli Savage, Assistant Layout Editor

Web Developer |

Matt Choi



Business Manager | Rachel Buck

Sales Manager |  Matthew Houck

Production Manager | Jordan Falk

Marketing Manager | Katie Bozzo

Account Executives |


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