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CMU International Film Festival features movies exploring the concept of change

CMU International Film Festival features movies exploring the concept of change

By Shreya Singh, Senior Staff Writer March 21, 2023
The Humanities Center at CMU is hosting the CMU International Film Festival through April 2. This year’s theme, “Faces of Change,” aims to explore the nature of change through films such as “Full Time” and “Joyland.”
Aditi Sridhar presented at the Oscars on March 12.

‘Part of that moment in history’: Pitt film student presents at Oscars

By Carissa Canzona, Staff Writer March 19, 2023
Aditi Sridhar, a senior film and psychology major, made her Hollywood debut last Sunday when she presented trophies at the 95th Academy Awards.
“Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania” poster.

Review | ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania’ — Marvel’s phase five is off to an ant-sized start

By Ore Fawole, For The Pitt News March 3, 2023
Much smaller than its predecessors in almost every way, the menial quality of Ant-Man’s third installment sets Marvel’s Cinematic Universe up for a macroscopic failure.
Ariana Starkman as River and Christopher Staley as Franz in a production of Appropriate by UPitt Stages in 2020.

Pitt alumni reflect on finding success in arts and entertainment industry

By Jessica McKenzie, Culture Editor February 3, 2023
Finding a job in arts and entertainment after graduating is notoriously difficult. But these Pitt alumni found careers through perseverance, honing new skills and keeping an open mind.
The Cathedral of Learning alongside the Mary Schenley Memorial Fountain.

Asha Chai-Chang offers the do’s and don’ts to fostering inclusive communities

By Gabriella Garvin, Staff Writer February 3, 2023
The “Intersection of Race, Disability and Religion: A First Person Experience” webinar took place Thursday evening. Asha Chai-Chang, a director and writer, offered attendees advice on how to navigate intersectionality firsthand.
Brenda Song speaks during a Pitt Program Council event Thursday night at the WPU Assembly room.

Brenda Song talks growing up in the acting industry at PPC, ASA event

By Shreya Singh, Staff Writer January 27, 2023
About 300 students gathered in the William Pitt Union’s Assembly Room on Thursday night to welcome Brenda Song, who Pitt Program Council invited in collaboration with Pitt’s Asian Student Alliance. Song is an actress who started her career at age six as a child model.
A poster for “Pale Blue Eye” released on Netflix on Jan. 6.

Review | The Pale Blue Eye — a mystery solved too easily

By Gabriella Garvin, Staff Writer January 18, 2023
“The Pale Blue Eye” is an action-packed gothic thriller streaming on Netflix, with a plot that viewers will find lacks consistency and depth.
M3GAN movie poster released by Universal Studios.

Review | ‘M3GAN’ — Unexpectedly hilarious

By Maria Scanga, Senior Staff Writer January 13, 2023
The sci-fi horror brand is not all that new, but the comedy-horror-camp era that “M3GAN” is ushering into pop culture is a fresh take on weaving sci-fi and horror together.
This image released by Universal Pictures shows Alex Hassell, from left, Beverly DAngelo (obscured), Edi Patterson, Alexis Louder, Leah Brady and David Harbour in a scene from Violent Night.

Review | ‘Violent Night’ — Santa goes full viking

By Jacob Mraz, Staff Writer December 9, 2022
“Violent Night” relies too heavily on graphic violence at the expense of all else. But somewhere in this almost catastrophically absurd blend of gore and family drama emerges a thoroughly enjoyable experience. How? Well, aside from Harbour’s acting and screen presence — let’s call it Christmas magic.
Benjamin Asciutto, a senior film and business major.

Student-run podcast ‘Pitt in Hollywood’ showcases success stories from Pitt alumni

By Jacob Mraz, Staff Writer November 3, 2022
2002 Pitt graduate John Paul Horstmann talks about his arrival in LA, founding University of Pittsburgh Television and the importance of networking in the first episode of Ben Asciutto’s podcast, “Pitt in Hollywood.”
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