Weekend Watchlist: YouTube channels


By The Pitt News Staff

This week’s Weekend Watchlist is a bit different. Instead of looking at shows on Netflix, Hulu and other premium streaming services, we are sharing our favorite content creators on the video platform YouTube. YouTube — aside from the shows hosted on the optional, subscription-based YouTube Red sub-platform — is completely free to watch, which is great for college students who are ballin’ on a budget, can’t afford cable or don’t have access to streaming. Here are some of our favorite channels.

amandarachlee // Maggie Young, Contributing Editor

Bullet journals might seem like the cutest way to let out your creative energy while staying organized. But some of us, regardless of our creative propensities and the excessive amount of money spent on stationery, just can’t seem to keep up with a bujo (me). If you fall under that category but want to live vicariously through someone else’s Moleskine and fineliners, Amanda’s channel is the perfect way to do so. This 20-something Canadian is adorable, and the way she peppers her tutorials with boundless love for her fans makes you want to smash that like button — even if you don’t use YouTube. The tutorials themselves are fabulous and easy to follow — Amanda’s an incredibly talented artist — and her uploads vary from monthly bujo setups to hand lettering instruction and doodle tips. While not everyone can get paid to film themselves buying Japanese stationery, Amanda’s viewers can at least learn a few techniques along the way.

The Try Guys // MJ LaRocque, For The Pitt News 

This group of guys previously worked for BuzzFeed together as the Try Guys — one of the media conglomerate’s many YouTube shows. But within the last year they quit BuzzFeed, created their own YouTube channel and production company and recently finished touring the United States and Australia. The hosts are Keith, Ned, Zach and Eugene. In short, Keith is loud, Ned became a father shortly after their channel started, Zach is “cute” and Eugene is more reserved and represents the LGBT+ community. Comedy is their main schtick, which they accomplish through dad jokes, family anecdotes, self-deprecation, one-liners and several other types of jokes.

As the name implies, they try things — their last video came out Nov. 3, and they tried being zookeepers with all of their significant others. Each “Try Guy” has their own series, but the oldest is “Keith Eats the Menu” and as the name implies, Keith goes to fast food restaurants, orders every item on the menu and gives a review of the experience.

Tess Christine // Hayley Lesh, For The Pitt News 

Fashion, beauty, travel and lifestyle. What more could one ask for? New York City-based YouTuber Tess Christine started her channel in April 2011 and has since accumulated more than two million subscribers. Her stylish outfits, amazing travel videos and authentic vlogs captivate subscribers from around the world. Some of her travel videos include destinations such as Spain, Greece and Ireland. She also posts fashion and beauty videos such as “Get Ready With Me” and hauls.

Tess vlogs all of her NYC adventures for her viewers as well. She often posts “Week in My Life” videos to give her subscribers a glimpse into New York City living. Tess also created vlogs, titled “Wedding Series,” documenting the preparation for her wedding to long-time boyfriend Patrick. In the series, she showed viewers everything from booking a venue to wedding dress shopping to cake tasting. She even posted a video from her wedding which may or may not make you shed a tear or two. Whether you are in search of a fashionable look, want to cave into your wanderlust or just want to experience a real-life episode of “Friends,” Tess Christine is the channel for you.

Team Starkid // Megan Williams, Staff Writer 

With astronomical ticket prices on Broadway and very few professionally filmed shows, a musical theater lover’s first stop should be Team Starkid’s channel. A small production company based in Chicago, Team Starkid releases high-quality videos of their own staged musicals for no cost whatsoever and often uploads their cast recordings to Spotify as well. Their shows are all hilarious, starting with the borderline infamous “A Very Potter Musical,” from which “Glee” star Darren Criss’ fame was discovered when playing the titular character. Their other Potter musicals — “A Very Potter Sequel” and “A Very Potter Senior Year” — became so beloved by the fandom that the actual Luna Lovegood played herself in the final installment.

Beyond Potter, Team Starkid has many other musicals. These include “Twisted,” a look at Disney’s “Aladdin” from Jafar’s perspective, “Starship,” a parody of several romps through space, “Firebringer,” about the discovery of fire, and the origin of the Vine we all know and love where Zazzalil sings “I Don’t Really Wanna do the Work Today.”

If you’re looking for free, professional-quality musicals that infuse adult humor with heart, Team Starkid will provide.