Editorial: Top 10 positive things going on right now


Sarah Cutshall | Visual Editor

Not leaving home leaves plenty of time to spend with your pets.

We’re sure you’re up to date with all the bad news that’s been circulating. Stocks are down. Schools are closed. People are under orders to stay home, etc. With all the depressing news of the last month or two, we’re almost certain you’ve been missing out on some of the good things that have happened around the world. That being said, the editorial board presents you with 10 positive things to briefly distract you from all the negative headlines. 

  1. Jack Black made a TikTok

You heard us right, ladies and gents. Jack Black is on TikTok. Whether you’re a fan of his or not, this is probably going to be a wild and entertaining ride. 

  1. People are recovering from COVID-19

Across the world, people are recovering from COVID-19. Wuhan, China — the site of the first outbreak — is largely on the mend. Meanwhile, in Italy, a 101-year-old man recovered from the virus and was released from the hospital he was being treated in. Elsewhere, people are making similar recoveries.

  1. Students are learning how to cook 

That’s right — college students who previously barely had time to eat, let alone cook, are now standing in front of the stove with a recipe pulled up on their phone screens. What exactly are we cooking? Well, it seems like the top choice is bread. Our take on this: nothing is more comforting than bread that’s fresh out of the oven.

  1. Hozier sang “Toxic”

Yeah. That “Toxic.” On March 20, the one and only Andrew “Hozier” Byrne covered “Toxic” by Britney Spears on an Instagram live concert. We don’t need to explain why this is positive.

  1. People are still getting married

Turns out even a global pandemic can’t stop love. A couple in New York City got married in the street while their friend officiated from a fourth-floor window. Similarly, in Pittsburgh, a couple got married on their front porch with their neighbors as witnesses — standing six feet away, of course.

  1. Spring weather is coming

Things are looking up, especially when it comes to the weather! As spring comes in, the outside world promises to get warmer and — unless you’re living in Pittsburgh — sunnier. 

  1. Pets are less lonely 

With many places under orders to stay home, pets are bound to be less lonely. Their owners are at home with them, which is basically what dogs have been dreaming about forever. Cats could probably care less about this news, though they probably don’t mind having their owners around to sit on.

  1. More people than ever are volunteering to foster animals 

Animal shelters have seen a large increase in people interested in fostering pets. This is great for both the pets and the people fostering them as the pets get to live with a family rather than in a shelter, and the family gets to experience the joys of having a pet.

  1. Second person ever was cured from HIV

Two years after he received a stem cell treatment to cure HIV, Adam Castillejo is still free from the virus. While doctors say that the treatment he received was high-risk and not a widespread solution, this is still by and large good news — hopefully, we are moving towards finding a less invasive and more widely accessible cure.

  1. The ozone layer is recovering

Since the Montreal Protocol was enacted in 1987, the ozone layer has been on the mend. The protocol phased out numerous ozone depleting substances such as chlorofluorocarbons, and it’s clear now that this made a positive change for the ozone layer. The atmospheric presence of these substances is declining, allowing the ozone layer to heal itself.