Poetry | olympics

By Ny'Ara Willis, For the Pitt News



a day the rain so strong, a cry did burst

mid Tokyo lost in shock and hurt no heart

left tact but leave pain and rain in roads

so full of life and joy but you are you.


and he still left with rage in tears of love

a game we play on loop and I now spark

the flame or bomb to end our peace but

my heart is split. the guilt did push a spot.


the core, my shame did stand but feet from him

a time and space of food and clothes but know

we came and kiss the day back alive. hands 

that hold so tight my waist at night but now


are put on Bart the simp and eyes that cry

in stores for love of man and gifts like crowns.


Ny’Ara Willis writes about love, life and self image. Talk to them at [email protected].