Offbeat | Joining Indy Blue’s “Ghost Gang”

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By Jillian Rowan, Staff Writer

If you were contemplating joining a cult just in time for spooky season, look no further than Indy Blue’s “Ghost Gang.”

India Blue Severe, better known on social media as Indy Blue, is the beauty and brains behind the famous clothing brand, Lonely Ghost.

But who is Indy Blue, anyways? 

A blogger at heart, Severe always knew she wanted to write. So since age 11, she’s broadcasted her life experiences to the Internet. Now 22, the entrepreneur, blogger, videographer and influencer commands the attention of social media users globally, one blog at a time. 

Severe decided to ditch college and travel internationally, sparking her Instagram presence as a travel blogger. Taking her first solo trip to Hawaii at age 19, she has since been the poster child for wanderlust. 

From Dubai to Denmark and Bali to Bolivia, Severe has spent the past half-decade — pre-COVID-19 pandemic — doing laps around the globe, experiencing every moment with a camera in hand. She’s pioneered aesthetically pleasing photos and videos, most notably in her cinematic YouTube posts, reminiscing on her adventures with family and friends. 

Hailing from Lindon, Utah, Severe grew up a devout Mormon. However, following her trips away from the “Utah bubble,” Severe told Okay Sis Podcast that there are many ways to live and love life aside from Mormonism, prompting her departure from the Church. 

Severe is honest about leaving the Mormon faith on her blog, along with other hardships, such as her battles with diabetes and depression. Her authenticity permeates every aspect of her socials — lengthy blog posts, vulnerable Instagram uploads and heartful YouTube videos. 

Severe’s online engagement speaks for itself, with a following of around one million “Ghosties” across her social media accounts. Her followers describe her as a mom, sister and best friend to all. With a knack for artistic photos, killer captions and a fashion sense like no other, Severe’s supporters anticipate her every post. Move over, Kim Kardashian. 

Severe has built her platform on feelings of nostalgia, frivolous youth and those stunning, picturesque moments in life. Her most notable venture, though, aside from blog writing, photography and video editing, is Lonely Ghost.

Lonely Ghost Clothing Co. 

Founded alongside Severe’s best friend, Bronson Christensen, Lonely Ghost — LG for short — has grown to be one of the hottest streetwear brands. 

Monthly clothing drops are coveted, so set your timers. With vibrant colorways, soft materials and distinctive, one-of-a-kind pieces, LG’s irresistibility is no surprise. 

LG is most known for its array of fashionable threads, ranging from sweatsuit sets to dad hats, all boasting the phrase “I Love You Say It Back.” This mantra is the heart of the Lonely Ghost movement. It’s now ingrained into pop culture as countless Ghost Gang members don the merch, incorporate ILYSIB into their texting lingo and even have it permanently inked on them. 

The brand name came from a screenshot of a text her childhood ex-boyfriend, Jackson Dunford, sent her, reading “Say it back.” Now, the two say “I love you” more than ever — they’re recently engaged and had their first child, Seven, ironically named after the number of years the two had spent on and off in a relationship. 

LG apparel sports a variety of other touching slogans — “Text me when you get home,” “This song reminds of you” and “It’s cool to care.”

Severe’s ghosty projects 

Known for her creativity, Severe has even launched her own Lonely Ghost Grocery Store, where she advertises her clothing as supermarket items. Different, right? The storefront in Provo, Utah, draws in hundreds of visitors a day for its stylish inventory and unconventionality. 

College students can also join in by promoting the brand on social media via Lonely Ghost University.

The most recent drop, Lonely Ghost Elementary, coins the catchphrase, “It’s Never Too Late to Have a Happy Childhood.” As we grow up, we lose the notions of freedom and curiosity — emotions we should cherish in a rough and tough world. This project is an opportunity to cross paths again with your inner child and reminisce on those good old days. 

Getting ready for their famous Halloween campaign, LG is hosting a ghoulish experience in Haunted Forest, Utah. During this haunted attraction, Ghost Gang members can meet one another, receive limited spooky season-centered merch and hang out with Severe. 

LG has architected its brand on self-love, soul searching and experiencing the life you’ve always dreamed of. Severe preaches to followers the importance of living on their own terms. 

“I am the main character of my life,” Severe tells The Local Optimist blog. “You get one life. Make it a movie.”

Join a gang, it’s worth it

With a million and one ways to say “I love you,” Indy Blue and her Lonely Ghost brand does just that. The Lonely Ghost vision gives people a space to be lonely together, with other people like you and me. It brings together dope people with dope style and dope visions for life. The Lonely Ghost Gang is a home for all. We’re all a little lonely, right?

Live your life like it’s a cinematic movie, wear some Lonely Ghost merch and make your girl Indy Blue proud. 

I love you, say it back!