Oakland shooting update

By John Manganaro

At least two vehicles were involved in the shooting that occurred this afternoon…

At least two vehicles were involved in the shooting that occurred this afternoon in Oakland, according to eye witnesses and the Pitt police. One officer reported that the more than three shots fired came from inside one of them.

According to Pitt police officer Steve Tomovich, two vehicles sped through South Oakland from the direction of Forbes Avenue around 12:30 p.m. One apparently opened fire on the other near the corner of Dawson and South Bouquet streets.

Chatter on the police scanner indicated that a blue sports utility vehicle and a champagne colored Cadillac were involved in the incident. Tomovich said both vehicles fled the scene at high speeds, leaving the Oakland area and a number of damaged vehicles behind them.

He said both Pitt and Pittsburgh police are on high alert for any report of the vehicles or information regarding the shooting. So far no suspects have been named, and no arrest have been made.

No injuries have been reported in relation to the incident.

Tomovich said Pittsburgh police are investigating the incident, as it did not appear to involve anyone related to the University.

“This is pretty much an unprecedented incident in Oakland, in my time at least,” Tomovich said. “We don’t ever see shots fired from a moving vehicle. We don’t know what it was about yet, but a lot of violent cases like this prove to be drug related.”

“It’s a miracle that no one was hit,” Tomovich said. “There’s no way to control a fire arm from inside a car, they could have hit anyone. During lunch time in Oakland too, when so many people are out.”

Tomovich said Oakland residents should not be overly alarmed by the incident, but should nonetheless be on the lookout for suspicious or violent activity.

“Violence like this can really put pressure on a community, but we think this is an isolated incident,” Tomovich said. “Students should obviously be careful and aware, and should report any suspicious activity immediately. We hope this proves to be an isolated incident.”