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Opinion | Drugs and depression: a hip-hop epidemic

Opinion | Drugs and depression: a hip-hop epidemic

By Ethan Tessler, For The Pitt News

January 23, 2020

When listening to the lyrics of Lil Peep, Mac Miller and Juice WRLD, a common theme is that using drugs eases emotional pain. While that is definitely true in the short term, it is not a healthy or sustainable way to deal with emotional trauma over an extended period of time. 

I need Adderall, you probably don’t

Victor Gonzalez | Staff Illustrator

By Marlo Safi / Columnist

November 10, 2015

“I took eighteen credits this semester and got straight A+’s, all thanks to Adderall!” Students affectionately call Adderall everything from a “study drug” to “accomplish mints.” On a rigorous college campus, Adderall — like steroids ­— helps students who are non-prescription users co...

Higher education: Drug & alcohol problem requires treatment, not punishment

By Kirsten Wong / For The Pitt News

September 23, 2015

According to popular media, college life includes over-the-top parties, unlimited freedom, acceptance of drugs and alcohol and, occasionally, a class or two. This is best portrayed in movies like “22 Jump Street,” “Pitch Perfect” and “Accepted.” Such films tend to portray drugs and alcohol...

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