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Pitt Innovation Institute announces Big Idea Center

Pitt Innovation Institute announces Big Idea Center

By Salina Pressimone | Assistant News Editor

April 2, 2018

The University Innovation Institute announced Thursday it will establish a Big Idea Center set to open for the 2018-2019 academic year. The announcement was part of last week’s annual Randall Family Big Idea Competition, where three current and former Pitt students won $25,000 to develop their autom...

Breaking grounds with big ideas: four growers for the win

(From left) Daniel Garcia, Brandon Contino and Rahul Ramakrishnan of Four Growers accept first place at the Randall Family Big Idea Competition Celebration event Thursday afternoon. (Photo by Divyanka Bhatia | Staff Photographer)

By Anandhini Narayanan | Staff Writer

March 30, 2018

In the future, the tomatoes in your salad, on your sandwich and in your pasta may be gathered by harvesters who can not only tell whether a tomato is ripe or unripe in just a few seconds, but also provide metrics and data analytics. This idea could become a reality through the work of 2016 Pitt a...

Pitt and CMU students pitch products

Optipik was the fourth graduate team to present their 90-second pitch in the Pittsburgh Project Development and Management Association student pitch competition Friday night. (Photo by Thomas Yang | Senior Staff Photographer)

By Nina Kneuer | Staff Writer

November 20, 2017

Christopher Dumm made an auditorium of 50 people laugh when he pulled an old surgical retractor out of a bag and tossed it on the ground in front of him. Dumm wasn’t a comedian, but rather a student innovator trying to pitch his idea for a new form of surgical retractor in less than 90 seconds ...

Sponsored Content: The innovation institute: Startup Energy Lasts All Week Long

Sponsored Content: The innovation institute: Startup Energy Lasts All Week Long

By Andrew Tindall

November 6, 2017

Are you ready for a week packed with innovation and entrepreneurship? Pitt’s Innovation Institute and CMU’s Schwartz Center for Entrepreneurship are teaming up to bring their yearly week-long celebration of big ideas and student startups to both campuses. Between Nov. 13 and Nov. 17, Pitt and Carneg...

Pitt Students Pitch Against the Clock

Junior mechanical engineering major Andrei Mihailescu and his teammates entered the shopping network app, “Tag Along,” in Pitt’s Innovation Institute’s 24-hour Startup Blitz. (Photo courtesy of Andrei Mihailescu)

By Madeline Gavatorta, Janine Faust and Caroline Bourque | The Pitt News Staff

October 10, 2017

In the corner of the O’Hara student lobby Saturday morning, Jacob Saletsky practiced his pitch for an app, stopping to listen to the critiques and suggestions of his teammates. “You speak too much on this slide,” Veysel Gokbel said. “Can I just — real quick — we never directly asked that...

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