Pitt tests victory lights, new spotlight, prompting theories on Twitter


(Photo by Issi Glatts | Assistant Visual Editor)

Although the victory lights usually only come on when Pitt wins, on Monday the lights were lit up — along with a new blue spotlight.

The strange spotlight shined straight up from the top of the Cathedral of Learning, prompting some on Twitter to compare the light to the Batman signal.

Pitt turned on the victory lights and spotlight as a test, according to Pitt spokesperson Joe Miksch. But Miksch wouldn’t elaborate on what the test was for or give any information about the new spotlight.

We asked the Pitt community for their own theories.

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EJ Borghetti, the director of media relations for Pitt athletics, responded with a gif of Pitt legend Dan Marino, but didn’t provide any explanation for the tweet. In an email Tuesday, Borghetti said Pitt is not changing its official colors, despite some Twitter users’ theories, but fans should expect to see the football team “frequently and proudly showcasing [their] retro colors” for the next two seasons.

Others said the light was the University calling for a new basketball coach, with the men’s team in the midst of an 11-game losing streak

One Twitter user said the light was calling someone—or something—extraterrestrial.

But, people still had their doubts, and continued to come up their own theories.