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Graduate student Jackson Walti (24) celebrates with Pitt mens soccer team after winning a game vs. West Virginia in August.

Thanksgiving sports recap: Volleyball clinches share of ACC title, soccer teams battle in NCAA tourney

By Alexander Ganias, Staff Writer November 27, 2022
Pitt athletics stayed busy over Thanksgiving break, with all its fall and winter sports continuing in action. Volleyball clinched a share of the ACC title and both men’s and women’s soccer battled in the NCAA tournament.
Pitt softball player Dani Drogemuller (16) pitches at the softball game vs. Clemson last Saturday.

Weekend Sports Recap | Baseball upsets No. 6 Virginia

By Alexander Ganias, Staff Writer April 17, 2022
As the semester winds down, Pitt baseball is heating up. The team continued a hot run through conference play with a 2-1 series win over No. 6 Virginia, headlining the weekend in Pitt athletics.
A courtroom in the U.S. Courthouse and Post Office on Grant Street in Downtown.

Trial date set for former Pitt strength coach’s suit over alleged age, race discrimination

By Betul Tuncer, Assistant News Editor February 13, 2022
A trial for former Pitt strength and conditioning coach Tim Beltz’s civil lawsuit against Pitt is set for Oct. 17 at the federal courthouse Downtown.
Dr. Freddie Fu, a pioneering orthopedic surgeon renowned locally and internationally for innovative Achilles tendon treatments and worked as the lead physician for Pitt athletics, died last Friday at the age of 70 at a UPMC hospice facility, surrounded by family.

Pitt athletics figures grieve, remember late Dr. Freddie Fu

By Stephen Thompson, Sports Editor September 29, 2021
Leading figures from the Pittsburgh sports community and Pitt athletics came together to express messages of grief and appreciation for Dr. Freddie Fu, the pioneering orthopedic surgeon who passed away last weekend at the age of 70.
The on-campus homes of Panther sports will sell beer, hard seltzer and wine.

Pitt Athletics announces updated COVID-19, alcohol policies for on-campus events

By Stephen Thompson, Sports Editor August 29, 2021
Pitt athletics announced updated COVID-19 regulations for spectators at on-campus sporting venues — the Petersen Sports Complex and the Fitzgerald Field House — last Tuesday afternoon.
Universities, conferences and the NCAA have reaped major financial benefits from the efforts of college athletes. Their “amateur” status prevented them from being paid for more than 100 years — but times are changing.

Uncertainty defines first month of new NIL rules

By Dalton Coppola, Sports Editor August 17, 2021
Since its inception, the NCAA has held that college athletes cannot and will not be paid for their name, image or likeness. Athletes were ineligible to accept endorsements or receive payment for their performance — all to maintain the amateurism surrounding college athletics. But new rules and regulations regarding name, image and likeness benefits for college athletes will change this long-standing rule.
Pitt Volleyball and men’s soccer appear primed to repeat and perhaps improve on their already exceptional 2021 seasons. Baseball will need to reload before they can one-up their last record-setting spring.

Column | Volleyball, men’s soccer poised to expand on historic springs

By Stephen Thompson, Senior Staff Writer August 17, 2021
Many teams emerged gracefully from the COVID-19 pandemic, but few are equipped to renew their success this year. Volleyball and men’s soccer are poised for historic seasons, while baseball will need to reload before it is back to competing on a national stage.
The Pitt Athletics primary Twitter account had 17 tweets in February surrounding Black History Month, with a greater volume of content coming toward the end of the month.

Pitt Athletics alums share concerns over Black History Month efforts

By Alex Lehmbeck, Sports Editor April 7, 2021
Pitt Athletics alumni said they saw the athletic department bring attention to Black History Month this year for the first time in a significant way, but shared many concerns they hope the department will address in the future.
Lance Aiken: The caretaker of Pitt Athletics

Lance Aiken: The caretaker of Pitt Athletics

By Alex Lehmbeck, Sports Editor April 6, 2021
As Pitt Athletics has undergone changes in staff, facilities and athletes over the past 28 years, custodian Lance Aiken has remained.
Column | Pitt sports as intoxicating beverages

Column | Pitt sports as intoxicating beverages

By Griffin Floyd, Staff Writer March 24, 2021
Pitt fans are all too familiar with Pitt sports’ heartbreaking habit of dropping close losses and, conversely, the kind of alcohol that may help them forget about that heartbreak. But each of these sports offers their own experience, each different from their counterparts, and I’ve chosen alcoholic drinks to match.
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