News desk says ‘so long’ to graduating seniors

By Martha Layne, News Editor

The news desk is bidding farewell to two graduating seniors, both of whom rightfully earned their titles of senior staff writer. Working with each of them — with their insight, attention to detail and integrity — has made for a wonderful work environment.

Nathan Fitchett, Senior Staff Writer

Clare Sheedy | Assistant Visual Editor

Nathan has brought a certain consistency that I have come to appreciate and depend on — I know that whenever Nathan signs up for a story, it’s going to be done well. Since joining the news desk in January 2020, he has written a voting guide and even served a stint as the Student Government Board beat reporter. He also covered several actions related to a fossil fuel divestment campaign, Pitt’s faculty unionization efforts and various protests and rallies around campus. He’s been such an asset to the news desk, and willing to be of service and cover more difficult topics. But my most memorable work with Nathan by far is our co-bylined piece about partying during the COVID-19 pandemic, and I’m honored to share the first-place Keystone award with him.

Nathan, a nonfiction writing major, plans to spend the six months after graduation backpacking the Pacific Crest Trail. When he returns from the trail, he will look for work as a freelance writer — and I’ll be happy to write any recommendations he needs. I look forward to seeing his name in publication again, just as I take pride when I see it printed in The Pitt News.

Neena Hagen, Senior Staff Writer

Clare Sheedy | Assistant Visual Editor

Neena has been around The Pitt News longer than I have, and it has made for an educational and enjoyable management experience for me. Neena doesn’t need to be managed — she has the autonomy to keep herself on schedule, work through problems, find sources and send me the updates. She spends her time covering only topics she feels passionately about, something I admire her for and is reflected in the high quality of work she produces. She takes pride in what she submits, as do I. Neena began her time at The Pitt News on the opinions desk and dabbled in sports before ending her time on the news desk. She’s been our faculty union beat reporter, where she’s kept her ear to the ground and frequently brings story pitches to me. She’s also covered other administrative topics, tackling just about anything that needs to be written about.

Neena, a data science and writing major, is looking to pursue data and investigative journalism post-graduation. While she hasn’t settled on a particular position yet, I know that wherever she ends up, she’ll continue writing and publishing pieces with her signature consistency and attention to detail.