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Photos by Jane Millard | Visual Editor

Don’t Call Her Honey: Ciara Gray artist spotlight

By Siddhi Shockey May 16, 2018

When she was a young artist in first grade, Ciara Gray brought an assignment to the front of the class to show the teacher her work — how she’d ripped a portrait from a magazine in half and pasted...

Nina Young's photograph titled,

Wasteland-scapes: Frick Fine Arts Building hosts environmentally-conscious art exhibits

By Prachi Patel / Staff Writer September 18, 2017

Floorboards creaked as visitors shuffled around to get a closer view of the medley of landscapes, which included underwater photographs, silk Chinese scrolls depicting sloping mountains and an Inuit print...

(Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

Asian-American film festival comes back to PGH

By Lexi Kennell / Culture Editor September 6, 2017

In an age when the United States prides itself on diversity but is plagued with racism, it’s important to support arts from all different cultures. Opportunities to do just this are everywhere, as long...

Langley Hall after an explosion in 1977. (Photos via ULS Archives)

Retro Oakland: taking a look at Pitt campus buildings

By Lexi Kennell / Culture Editor August 21, 2017

Students walk down Fifth and Ruskin Avenues and pass Langley Hall every day, but many have no idea that two people died in an explosion in that very building about 40 years ago. In The Pitt News’...

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