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Southwestern restaurant spices up Schenley Plaza

Mesa is now open in Schenely Plaza, replacing Conflict Kitchen. (Photo by Wenhao Wu | Assistant Visual Editor)

By Rachel Glasser | News Editor

September 6, 2017

The style of food at Robert Sayre’s new restaurant has confused some passersby. “We’ve had to convince Pittsburgh that it’s a New Mexican restaurant, not a ‘new’ Mexican restaurant. So that’s been a bit of a struggle at times,” Sayre said with a laugh. Sayre is the owner and head ...

Cats cradled in Schenley Plaza for First Caturday

Several people gather around a cat near Mary Schenley Memorial Fountain during Caturday on Monday afternoon. (Photo by Wenhao Wu | Assistant Visual Editor)

By Sarah Morris / Staff Writer

September 4, 2017

On the grass by the Mary Schenley Memorial Fountain, a crowd of several dozen people parted down the middle as a retired show cat, looking remarkably like a small lion, strutted down the path. The cat who stole everyone’s attention — Snickers — was later passed around gently from person to person ...

Retro Oakland: taking a look at Pitt campus buildings

Langley Hall after an explosion in 1977. (Photos via ULS Archives)

By Lexi Kennell / Culture Editor

August 21, 2017

Students walk down Fifth and Ruskin Avenues and pass Langley Hall every day, but many have no idea that two people died in an explosion in that very building about 40 years ago. In The Pitt News’ New Student Guide that was published earlier in the summer, I started a series — Retro Oakland — that f...

Up for grabs: Share Fair offers myriad of trash-turned-treasures

Britnee Meiser / Staff Writer

September 15, 2015

A string of pearls lay unattended in Schenley Plaza pavilion Friday afternoon, as a prowling student circled the luxury, snatched it up and continued on his way. This wasn’t some great jewel heist— the student was participating in the Share Fair, hosted by the Pittsburgh Student Solidarity Coalition...

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