Opinions desk says ‘so long’ to graduating seniors


Photos courtesy of Emily Pinigis and Devi Ruia

Columnists Emily Pinigis (left) and Devi Ruia (right) will graduate this semester.

By Leah Mensch, Opinions Editor

As happy as we are that the semester is drawing to a close, it’s bittersweet seeing some columnists graduate and go out into the world. Opinions editor Leah Mensch bodes a quite reluctant farewell to two longtime writers — Devi Ruia and Emily Pinigis.

Devi Ruia, Senior Staff Columnist

Devi joined the opinions desk almost two years ago, while I was training to be an editor. The editor who trained me told me that Devi’s columns were written better than anything she’d ever seen. This was absolutely correct. Devi is known not only for her deep political analyses, but also for her iconic headlines, including “I am once again asking you to make a voting plan,” “Move over, Chad: The importance of on-screen representation” and “IOWAit a better primary system.”

Devi was also my personal political analyst during the 2020 election, explaining senate run-offs and informing me that Pennsylvania actually is in the same timezone as Georgia. My mother says Devi’s tweets are “very funny.”

Devi is, of course, graduating with a degree in political science. We’re so sad to see her go, but we know she’ll do everything she wants to do in life, and more. This means, of course, helping to abolish the filibuster.

Emily Pinigis, Staff Columnist

I know Emily as the columnist who dyed her hair the best colors, and also the opinions desk’s original staff poet. She started writing the same semester that I did, and has written about the environment and hipster art. She’s also famous for her lifestyle blog about being a witch.

Emily is the writer who I’d frantically message on Friday mornings asking, “could you give me a poem?” And she always came through with something beautiful, whether it was about kites, a reflection in a puddle or experiencing winter in a singular night.

Emily’s graduating with degrees in architecture and communications, and is planning to build buildings all over the world. The opinions desk will miss her energy and words — but it might give us a reason to travel to Europe and see something she designed. If the pandemic ever ends, obviously.