Poetry | Reflections

By Emily Pinigis, Staff Columnist

I’ve always been afraid of heights
Until the day like any other
When I saw the most magnificent of sights

Walking along, as I often do
My gaze fell down to the sidewalk puddles
And suddenly I saw a strange new sight under my shoe

The limbs of the trees danced in the water
Soon, I realized they were bending under my feet
I began to skip across branches, as nimble as an otter

The world had turned upside down
Clouds passed by weightlessly beneath me
I could only smile as I floated above town

But the world couldn’t stay upside down
Once the puddles ended, I was tossed back to earth
To remain right side up until sundown

I have always been afraid of heights
Until the day that wasn’t so ordinary after all
The memory of this trip into the sky destroys all fright

No longer do I fear
What has been proven so beautiful
I can’t help but think, now it all seems so clear