Letter to the Editor 4/18/13

By Letter to the Editor

To the Editor,

I was glad to see The Pitt News reporting on the current mayoral and City Council races. As the Editorial Staff and Rohith Palli have mentioned, very few students tend to vote in the Pittsburgh local elections. This is a sad truth, but it is one that we can fix. There are tens of 1,000s of students who are registered to vote in this city and in an election that will be determined by a few thousand votes — if not less. It is important that we take part in this civic duty.

A majority of college students will head back home before the election. That should not stop us from voting. It only takes a few minutes to request an absentee ballot and even less to fill one out. You can request a ballot by filling out a form found in Panther Central or at the information desk of the Union. If students start voting in local elections in greater numbers, our concerns about the city will be taken seriously. So once again, let’s get out to vote and fill out our absentee ballots.


Noah Tankin

Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences