Letter to the Editor 3/28/13

By Letter to the Editor

To the Editor,

I am writing in response to Matt Schaff’s column in Tuesday’s Pitt News, which took a pessimistic and decidedly arrogant approach to the OCC program. I would like to preface my arguments by saying that I have not completed the OCC.

The OCC never says, “Do this or you are not a whole student.” It is a way for the University to recognize students for being involved. Dr. Humphrey cares about her students, so she put a program in place to recognize students for even the small things they contribute to the University. You can print out a resumé, whether you complete the OCC or not, which lists the activities outside of the classroom that you have done.

Students may have done these activities regardless, but they are being recognized for doing so. I sat in on a parent event about the OCC during orientation, and an admissions counselor from a graduate program stood up during the Q-and-A session and applauded Humphrey’s efforts because he recognized that this program does something unique by providing solid documentation of activities that he looks for students to be involved with.

Thus, the OCC makes Pitt students more competitive. Other schools in the country are already emulating the OCC program, so other schools have seen the benefits of having a program like this.

I would put my money on school administrators from reputable institutions knowing what is best for their university before the pretentious Mr. Schaff.


Adam Gaus

Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences