Pitt announces finances, top employee earners


Former basketball coach Jamie Dixon topped Pitt’s 2016 salary disclosure. (Photo by Theo Schwarz/Senior Staff Photographer)

By Henry Glitz | News Editor

Pitt’s annual financial disclosure, which it released last month in compliance with the Right to Know Law, revealed a pay structure with University athletics once again at the top.

The University, which legally qualifies as a non-profit organization exempt from tax, nevertheless must still file a publicly available 990 report with the Internal Revenue Service. The report discloses some of Pitt’s financial activities, officer salaries and 25 highest paid non-officers. Last month’s report dealt specifically with fiscal year 2016, lasting from July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016.

Former head coach of the men’s basketball team Jamie Dixon once again appeared at the top of the list of Pitt’s highest paid employees, receiving $2,317,223 in total gross income from the University during the 2016 financial year. Pitt football coach Pat Narduzzi received the next highest salary, totalling $1,768,841 in total gross income over the same period.

Current head coach of the men’s basketball team Kevin Stallings didn’t appear on the report because he wasn’t yet a University employee by the end of fiscal year 2016. Pitt has not yet released Stallings’ salary, though he will likely be included on next year’s disclosure.

Other top earners included Pitt School of Medicine Dean Arthur Levine, who earned $1,104,494, former Chancellor Mark Nordenberg, who received $831,344, and current Chancellor Patrick Gallagher, who received $741,485 total compensation in his first full year of employment at Pitt.

Pitt did not answer questions about former Chancellor Nordenberg’s compensation, who retired as chancellor in 2014.

University trustee Edward Grefenstette received a combined $1,343,890 in compensation from organizations related to the University. Grefenstette is president, CEO and CIO of the Dietrich Foundation, a charity organization that provides financial support regional institutes of higher learning.

The report also disclosed the University’s interactions with independent contractors. Unsurprisingly, food service provider Sodexo received the highest compensation, at $35,020,173. Two of the other top five highest paid contractors  — BPA II and the Mascaro Construction Company — fell into the category of construction companies, underlying the focus on new building projects around campus during fiscal year 2016. These two companies received $9,767,101 and $9,123,772, respectively.